Marlins Fan Fest photos and video!

Fan Favorites

I have to admit going into Marlins Fan Fest 2009 I was skeptical about the big stars of the Marlins showing up. In the end, Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla & Alfredo Amezaga were three of the most-active players with the fans.

Other Marlins players who were extra friendly today were Ricky Nolasco, former manager Jack McKeon, Jorge Cantu, & Gaby Sanchez.

On the opposite side we had Matt Lindstrom, Chris Volstad, Wes Helms, Fredi Gonzalez, Jeff Conine, Tony Perez, among a few others.


Baseball Cards

Below is the only two autographs I obtained: Tommy Hutton and my 11th in-person autograph on a baseball card of Andrew Miller. As far as Miller, he was passing out free donuts and signing early but vanished for most of the day.

The three Jose Canseco cards come from going through the entire card show. I realize that had I collected Derek Jeter or some other popular player I would have had more to choose from. Still, three cards I needed for my player collection is never a bad thing. I just wish I could have found more.


Tatiana’s Bat

My wife Tatiana is ready to return to blogging after an amazing experience at Fan Fest with unbelievably friendly, John Baker and Ricky Nolasco. She also was involved in a physical confrontation after a 300 lbs. man stepped on her toes and pushed her against the  stage when Hanley Ramirez showed up for the first time.

From 8:30 in the morning with Andrew Miller, to 5:43 P.M with Hanley Ramirez… Tatiana obtained 26 autographs on her personalized Louisville Slugger. She will be blogging about it on Monday but in the meantime check out this quick video I created.



  1. Hey Mario!!
    I recently read your blog, about your experience with your wife on fan fest. Simple awesome!!! I moved to Miami, and hope to enjoy this experience the next year (2016) . And I would like to know if you has had the oportunity to go in recently years to the fanfest. I want to prepare all the logistic, and I want to know all about the time, the souvenirs, the autograph sessions, apparences of players (populars and not so). This will be my first experince in fanfest. I love baseball….. I cant wait, I am very anxious lol !!! I would like to meet Ichiro, Stanton, Dee Gordon, Jose Fernandez, and many others…..
    I appreciated you bro…..

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