Man on the Street’s pull of a lifetime!

While making his usual Friday evening trip to his card shop, Shane decided to take a break from his usual “high-end” box breaks and give good, old-fashioned 2009 Topps a shot. What came out of his three, $90 dollar boxes is the stuff of legends and will make one hell of an eBay auction when it arrives.

His best pull wasn’t an autograph, game-used relic, manufactured patch, or even a printing plate. In one of his three boxes of ’09 Topps he pulled a “1 of 1” cut signature of the one and only Dr. Seuss!!!

Stated odds of pulling any American Legends cut signatures is 1:15,000 packs.

I do not need expensive wax

Please remove those Sterling packs

I just need some old school Topps

I’ve been told it never flops

30 thoughts on “Man on the Street’s pull of a lifetime!

  1. Yow, he got all of that out of one box?? That’s more like a case worth of stuff. That Dr. Seuss card rocks.

  2. Shane killed it in those three boxes. That 1/1 is awesome. e jacked up though if it turns out some dude sitting in an office in New York drew that and signed it. HA.

  3. That’s one hell of a pull! I love Dr. Seuss! Okay…that solves it, I’ve been going back and forth all week about whether I’m going to get 09 UD or Topps…I think that just sold me on a Jumbo Topps!!!!!

    Thanks for posting that Mario, that’s just awesome to see!

  4. Oh wow, a drawing too. That’s great. While I’m sure that would sell like crazy on ebay, personally I’d keep this for my personal collection.

  5. I hope he decides to keep the Dr. Seuss sig instead of selling it for a profit. Pretty unique…although I’m not sure what it’s doing in a box of baseball cards.

  6. Thanks gang for all the comments. I was sitting in the living room just a bit ago and I was telling my wife how much I liked the Dr Seuss card. I told her I didn’t collect anymore, but that was a cool card. She has talked me into “keeping” for a while. Its just one of those things. I always said before no matter what I pulled went to the ‘Bay. Up until now I had not pulled a cut this neat.

    Later all,
    Submarine Shane (Man on the Street)

  7. I can honestly say I would have a hard time selling that card! That is one hell of a sweet pull.

    Mr Brown can moo….can you?

  8. Just busted my jumbo. No Seuss auto, but a fun break nonetheless. 2 jerseys, 1 Gibby patch card, Travis Snider auto, and being a Cueto collector got a black parallel. Good stuff.

  9. WOW….that is an amazing pull and considering it is Topps that is really an amazing pull!!! If you decide to sell it let me know!

  10. Congrats on a hell of a pull Shane! I would have a hard time letting that one go too. Not exactly your “run of the mill” card. I am curious as to how much it would sell for an auction though.

  11. Amazing! Absolutely amazing! The Travis Snider is pretty cool too. I had the honor of watching him play numerous times in NH last season. The guy is a power hitting beast!

  12. In the words of Pete, the Dr. Seuss card is stupidiculous. If it were for sale, I’d consider buying it especially considering that he passed away a good 15 years or so ago. Awesome pull!~

  13. Thats awesome period. I say keep it, but the demand for that card as seen by the reaction is crazy.

  14. I know this is late on this post, but I was just informed of this today. The stated odds were not 1 in 15,000 packs. It is 1 in 142, 200 packs. Which just makes it that much more cool and even harder to hit.

    Submarine Shane- The Man on the Street

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