Topps masters the Sketch Card!

I think it’s fair to say that when Topps introduced the baseball “1 of 1” sketch card, things didn’t go so well. Judging from some of the 2009 cards hitting eBay, the problem has been solved as collectors are being rewarded with some of the best art in baseball cards since Peter Max in Topps Gallery.

Below is a small sample of some of the best-looking cards I could find with the Brian Kong versions being my absolute favorites. You can view Brian’s website here to see some of his other works, which includes comic books, sports art and some pretty amazing pop culture pieces.

Published by Mario A.

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16 thoughts on “Topps masters the Sketch Card!

  1. I really like the blending of art and sports cards that is at the basis of the sketch card.

    Upper Deck did this with kids drawings in their MVP football sets back in the late 90s, but the drawings were by kids and so not very artistic, plus they were not like this in that they were a mass insert.

    I really like these and would love to see them in football.

  2. Brilliant.

    That was the highlight of the case break over at Cardboard Problem.

  3. I could REALLY do without these cards! What is the point? Baseball isn’t the only product they’ve introduced “artist sketch cards” into. I first saw them in the Topps Indiana Jones releases.

  4. Hmmm…I do agree that they are nice but I would really like them to look more life-like (kinda like allen and ginter), still it’s a nice “comic book like” variation. Maybe they should consider a “sketch” version of the base card as a parallel instead of the current color format. One base, One Sketch Parallel and One <insert fav cool color, gold/platinum/etc. but only one) with refractor/chrome technology parallel. Total 3…I think that would be enough.

  5. Lazy-eye Jackie is what these things should be.

    But they add value to a break no matter what, so there’s no reason why anyone should be against them.

  6. Mario- What set are these cards a part of?

    This is a 180 degree improvement over what we saw in October. I would totally buy, if not a few packs, an entire box if this was made in to an entire set the way UD Masterpieces was. What a cool product/insert!

  7. Does anybody know how the images on the Goudey cards from the last few years have been made? Are they straight drawings, hand-colored photos, or some other concoction?

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