How one element can KILL your product

Along with being a baseball & boxing addict, I am what you’d call a pop culture “buff”. In reality, that’s a nice word for a couch potato. I love movies, television, music you name it. While I have never ventured into the entertainment trading card world on a personal level, I do enjoy a good celebrity autograph once in a while.

While doing an eBay search I came across some cards by a company called Inkworks who in the past did all their autographs on-card. Unfortunately, like every other trading card company not named Razor, they have switched over to stickers. The problem? They happen to be the ugliest sticker autographs I have ever seen and they take away from the overall design of each card it is used in.

Just check out what is perhaps Inkworks’ Holy Grail, a 2001 on-card autograph trading card of Angelina Jolie. Now that is a great celebrity trading card autograph done right! As for the Samuel L. Jackson and David Duchovny certified autographs below, I would have to file them under ‘Hall of Shame’ simply because of the sticker autograph.

Sometimes they work… other times they fail miserably.



  1. You can’t even read the signatures on the cards above! As for Angelina Jolie, she needs to sign with Benchwarmer and personally sing and kiss a card to the NY Hitman……..meaning ME, not Mattingly!

  2. There’s a chance that they look better in person, but jeez, that Sam Jackson card is hideous. I’d peel the sticker off that sucker and stick it on anything besides that.

  3. Although clearly not as good as having an on-card autograph, the Inkworks stickers look better in person – at least the one or two that I have. The X-Files card is done on foil if I’m not mistaken, which makes scans very difficult. I’m not sure about the Spirit set, though.

    Stickers have never been popular in the non-sport end and Inkworks’ switch over was very hotly debated, especially since it was an about-face from a company who has in the past publicly stated they HATED stickers. Plus, when they announced the switchover, the reason given was for “security issues” – not exactly a ringing endorsement for the validity of their past releases despite the fact the cards have several security things such as watermarks.

    I don’t know what kind of shape Inkworks is in but it is very possible that while security may have been part of the decision, it was potentially a business decision as well. With the market in a decline at all ends, sometimes you have to make some tough decisions. This, I’m guessing, was one of them.

  4. does anyone know what is up with the blank inkworks autograph cards appearing on ebay. they have no autos on them just the card. what is going to stop a forger from buying these cards and putting an auto on them and selling them for big bucks . i thought inkworks autos were the best way to get an authentic auto but with these blanks cards showing up, it concerns me.

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