A new blog about “old school” wax

While the list of blogs covering today’s Hobby scene grows each and every month, for a long time Old School Box Breaks was the only site covering yesterday’s wax. Today, that all changes as Tim, a Wax Heaven reader and Tony Clark Super Collector created ‘90’s Box Breaks‘.

His first post covers a break of 1994 Topps Stadium Club and along with the wonderful scans, his review is as entertaining as any recent product review I have read in a long time. Here’s to a wonderful new blog and a change of pace from the “1 of 1” madness that is occasionally pumped out of the Blogosphere.

CLICK HERE to visit 90’s Box Breaks


  1. Tim, save your postage. I have it a few times over but thanks for the scan.

    Always good to see some Canseco cardboard.

  2. Good lookin…

    BTW, I loved the Diamond Destiny inserts. I have very few baseball left from my “transition”, but that Ramirez bronze one of the cards I made sure to hold on to.

    Were you ever a fan of the 1997 UD Amazing Greats Inserts…

  3. I just did a quick search for them. I have never seen them before but I am going to have to get familiar with them.


  4. You guys got nothin on me! I was able to procure 8 unopened boxes of 88 Donruss, and 5 unopened of some sort of hockey from 1991. 94 is new age!

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