Another Hobby superstar flames out

2 02 2009

I have never been a fan of the Olympics. It should come as no surprise that while America was falling in love with a former criminal named Michael Phelps, I was doing my part by pointing out that he had an autographed rookie in 2004 Donruss (link). Beckett Media, being the “#1 Leading Source In Collectibles” followed my lead just two days later.

Anyway, I never understood the fascination with Phelps. He competes in a “sport” that only gets attention at special events like the Olympics and he’s got a D.U.I on his record. It doesn’t matter how old he was at the time (19), many young adults get into trouble early in their life but not all of them drive under the influence and put innocent people in danger.

Fine, whatever. It’s old news, right? Well, the classy Mr. Phelps has made news again for being snapped for a photo while smoking Marijuana from a bong pipe. The worst part of it all is that Phelps’ camp was so distraught and desperate to save their cash cow from being outed that they made every offer imaginable to keep the story from being published (link).

So ends the Michael Phelps post-Olympics career. Personally, I was sick of it after seeing him dance half-naked with a creepy Alex Rodriguez and Tony Hawk, who somehow managed to keep his dignity despite appearing oin a commercial with two media whores. This is why Tony Hawk’s signature from the Fans of the Game Donruss Autograph is still the card to own (LINK).




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2 02 2009
William Noetling

Big he smoked a bit, whoop-dee-doo. Doesn’t make what he achieved any less great.

2 02 2009
Mario A.

If anything, it makes you wonder what more he could have done.

Doesn’t smoking harm your lungs? Still….it was pretty stupid considering he will likely lose millions of dollars in endorsements.

2 02 2009

Actually, smoking out of a bong is the cleanest way to smoke. Most of the impurities are absorbed by the water. I don’t see the big deal, beer companies have had sports stars push their product for decades and no one seems to mind that. Phelps takes a couple hits from the bong and now he’s a bad person. Personally I think the world would be a better place if everyone took a daily hit from the bong!

2 02 2009
Mario A.

Thanks for the info. I had no idea.

Anyway, Phelps’s was America’s Golden Boy. He was on covers of cereal boxes, made his way on morning talk shows, and had endorsement deals coming out the ass. If you want to take advantage of this, keep this behavior on the down low or this happens.

This move is just plain stupid. He may go on to win a lot more Gold but he’s lost that shine and much like Nancy Kerrigan, who was completely innocent but victim of bad light, it won’t ever return.

Phelps went from a hero to someone I would not want my son to look up to.

2 02 2009

From what I understand, clinically Marijuana smoke is not harmful to your lungs. Or at least not nearly to the degree of Tobacco smoke. I am not a Dr or anything like that, hopefully I am not passing along misinformation.

However drinking and driving is a much more dangerous activity and endangers others.

Wether or not Swimming gets much media attention outside of the Olympics should be academic. I am sure that many folks outside of us Baseball fans think a Phillies Marlins game in April is meaningless, but to you and I Mario, it may be a huge event, especially if Cole Hamels is facing Andrew Miller.

I do agree about Phelps Camp. I am sure he is no different then a Boxer, Rock Star, movie person or other celebrity type who screws up and all the sycophants start scurrying around fearing their cushy meal ticket is going to dry up.

2 02 2009

Does anybody really care about smoking weed anymore? The entire world economy is in flames, there’s 18 wars going on and Lost is back on the air but oh noes! a swimmer smoked a plant that wasn’t tobacco! Time to legalize it and tax the hell out of it so the government can give more money to Wall Street to cover their bonuses. Those yachts won’t pay for themselves!

2 02 2009

I think you also need to remember that being an athlete not just a physical endeavor. If you spent 10 hours/day (or whatever) in the pool, you might need to do something more than watch an episode of According to Jim to calm down and relax enough to get ready to go the next day. There might be a physical cost to smoking weed (if he in fact did do so at some point during training) but there’s no evidence whatsoever that it would have hindered his potential to achieve.

2 02 2009

If he was an NBA basketball player or something of that ilk, we’d never hear the end of this.

But people are apt to make excuses for a golden boy.

2 02 2009

Phelps could lose millions on this. Advertisers pay him tons of money to market their product to 10-16 yr old boys and girls. Are parents going to be less likely to buy products from a bong-hitting spokesperson? Probably.

His contracts may also include a morality clause. He could see several endorsement contracts terminated because of a morality clause.

If the value of his marketablity takes a hit, companies could void their contracts with him – think of Frank Thomas’ Diminishing Skills clause.

I wasn’t a huge Phelps phan either, but it is sad to see this occur.

2 02 2009
Submarine Shane

I wonder if he learned to say “weed” in Chinese from his Rosetta Stone program…or maybe it was Rosetta Stoned…

Later Gang

2 02 2009

It’s time to just legalize this stuff. Who cares if he smoked? The man still has uncountable gold medals and we don’t. It obviously hasn’t hindered him in the least. Plus, it’s his body he can do whatever he wants to it and we shouldn’t care. That’s his choice. Plus, Grant Fuhr and Bob Probert are two of my favorite all time hockey players. One is in the Hall of Fame.

2 02 2009

This doesn’t really seem like such a big deal to me. We just elected a president who admitted to smoking pot. I doubt people are going to really hold this against a swimmer trying to sell underwear.

There’s a lot worse thing that he could do than this. I think people will be more forgiving than you think. I doubt he will lose many endorsements.

2 02 2009

everyone has accepted his apologies, even his sponsors Speedo and some other company.
I would be pissed if I was Phelps and someone posted that online.

Like dayf says, tax the heck out of it and make it legal.
That will produce billions for the gov’t. Plus you could cut billions in costs for the DEA and in the courts and jails.
You can have new stores and farmers making a living in an economy where that’s needed, too.

2 02 2009

While I don’t think it was very smart of Phelps to smoke pot knowing his celebrity and role model status, I have to agree with an ad agent from Phelps’s hometown in Baltimore. He basically says it was a mistake on Phelps’s part, but says, “let’s get by it, we’ve got much bigger problems in the world right now.” It’s kind of hard to deny that. There’s a video of different reports, including the ad agent and a review on

2 02 2009

According to this story:
his managers tried to bury the story which is hugely corrupt. I don’t know if he had anything to do with that but to me the cover up is a bigger story than the pot smoke. Does he think that his ability and status make put him above the law? In the story it sounds suspiciously like bribery.

3 02 2009
William Noetling

Marijuana is medically legal in 14 states out of 50. I can’t believe this is such a big deal to people, I could care less, in fact, knowing that he hits the bong every now and then endears him to me a bit more, and makes his accomplishments that much better.

You can be a functioning member of society and smoke pot each and every day and be a great person, if you believe the bullshit that the government puts out about how bad it is for you, you should open your eyes and read the OTHER side about it’s therapeutic effects.

And yes, I’ve got my California MMJ Recommendation and I’m 100% legal under proposition 215 and SB 420.

3 02 2009
Dinged Corners

Speedo and watchmaker Omega are standing by Phelps, for now. Other big companies, like Visa, Subway, and Kellogg aren’t talking yet.

3 02 2009

But William, it’s a gateway drug!!!! LOL

Rosa, why would the “coverup” be so terrible. He’s not trying to coverup anything important, and he’s not really trying to cover it up because he’s a celebrity. If you think about it, the fact that he’s a celebrity is the only reason he would have to cover it up in the first place. People smoke pot all of the time. It’s only a story because he’s Michael Phelps.

If someone took a photo of you doing something you weren’t proud of and you knew your picture was going to be plastered all over newspapers and website, wouldn’t you try to stop it from happening? Anyone in his position would have at least TRIED to get them to bury the story.

3 02 2009

“Hugely Corrupt”?
“Cover up”?
“Above the law”?

Ridiculous. The guy took a bong hit. Let’s not turn him into Richard Nixon just yet.

Ok, I’m done now.

3 02 2009

#1 Remember this story was reported by a British tabloid, his bribery might be their blackmail?

#2 Mr. Noetling, you’re a lucky SOB. I still have to do it the old fashion way!

#3 Kellogs and Subway are now completely legitimate sponsors! I know that’s exactly what I eat after I’m done with my bong!

#4 It’s not like he’s Doc Ellis or anything. (Look it up if you don’t know about Doc)

#5 Other sports stars who have been caught with or openly smoke Mrs. Jane.

Fergie Jenkins
Ricky Williams
Mark Stepnoski
Randy Moss
Santonio Holmes
Elijah Dukes
Most of the NBA, seriously the names are too many to mention!

3 02 2009
William Noetling

You’d be surprised how many celebrities have their recommendations.

You’d be amazed at some of the folks I’ve meet in clubs.

3 02 2009

Smoking weed in my state is as against the law as parking in two spaces. Who cares if he did? The Super Bowl MVP sold weed, posed nude, and is now at Disney World.

4 02 2009

i’ve gotta hand it to Phelps for being man enough to acknowledge his actions and apologize — he’s still a decent role model despite the hypocritical media storm

9 02 2009

Who cares if he smoked a bit of weed.

What is unforgivable is his driving while under the influence of alcohol. This is why he is not a role model, should not be sponsored and should be reviled throughout the world. Sadly, smoking a plant at a party out of harms way is more of an issue than endangering the lives of others.

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