2009 Donruss Century Collection

These are images of 2009 Donruss Century Collection (in before Chris Olds’ “exclusive”) which may or may not be released depending on the Major League Baseball lawsuit announced today. As much as I have knocked Donruss for their 2008 releases, this one actually looks decent.

Product Details:

Each box contains 4 autographs or game-used memorabilia

Cut signature stamps of Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Joe DiMaggio and more!

Celebrity materials of Orson Wells, John Wayne, Charlie Chaplin, and many more.

Pack SRP: $10.00

Release Date: April 22, 2009

20 thoughts on “2009 Donruss Century Collection

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  1. Either that should read “each box” and not “each pack” or the Pack SRP needs to be much, much higher.

  2. and they couldn’t even photoshop the stamp out of its USPS master image right, lazy bastards. man, fuck donruss and their sneaky unlicensed bullshit.

  3. Kinda tough for me to care about something that will probably never see the light of day (and wouldn’t be in my budget if they did.)

    Still, the stamp cards are a cool idea.

  4. didn’t donruss do stamps on cards once already? 2005?

    i remember being very disappointed when ud did century legends in 1999 but couldn’t produce cards of koufax, dimaggio and rose for various reasons. still, i love that set. can’t wait to see the checklist on this one. thanks mario!

  5. 1. Nobody buys this a $10/pack product for the base cards. I understand some of you guys are set collectors, but not everything has to be about the base cards.

    2. Do a search on eBay for 2005 Leaf Stamp. You’ll come up with a couple dozen cards from 2005 Leaf Century Collection. I have one, and personally I love the idea, but it’s something that should have been 1 and done. I think it’s a pretty stupid idea on the part of DLP to recycle something like this that was uniquely theirs, and was only released once. Just like the over-auto-jersevication of our beloved hobby, this is probably going to cheapen the 2005 Leaf incarnation that is probably a cherished part of a lot of people’s collections.

    I personally defended DLP on several blogs and message boards leading up to the release of Threads Baseball, and Prime Cuts IV. I felt as though DLP as a company was concerned with collectors having a better chance at getting equal value out of what they pay for a box. Looking at all of this now, I’m starting to feel more and more like DLP is just flipping a big middle finger at Topps, UD, and MLB just because they can.

    I don’t know how I feel about that.

  6. If the price and checklist is right, I’ll break a box only because of the stamps. It has been done in the past but they still look nice.

  7. I just don’t get the stamp thing – are they rare stamps? Actual USPS stamps, or company-manufactured stamps, similar to patches? What’s the point of them? At least a jersey has been worn in a game… I’m obviously missing something.

  8. Eric, these are actual USPS stamps issued at various points in time.

    The thing I like about the 1 I have from 2005 is that it is an Andre Dawson card (obviously), has a piece of game-used jersey, an on-card autograph, and an actual USPS Wrigley Field 34 cent stamp, and the card is serial #’d to 34. It all makes sense and works together. You can see it here if you like.

    As for recycling the idea, see my earlier comments.

  9. OK, your Dawson card (as well as your explanation) helped… nice Andre

  10. can’t wait to see all the no name “prospect” autos shoved into most of the boxes that see the light of day….

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