Finally, a Myspace for collectors!

26 01 2009

A few months back, Mike of Cardboard Connection started telling me about his idea of creating a “Myspace for collectors”. He envisioned a site where you could register, create a profile, upload photos/videos, sell cards, and much more. Over the last couple of months I have seen his dream come to fruition and have even helped with the Beta Testing for the site.

Tonight, I am happy to announce that Cardboard Connection 2.0 is here and to help with the grand opening there is an awesome referral contest with the grand prize winner being awarded a certified autographed baseball bat of Reds phenom, Jay Bruce (link).

Along with the many features of Cardboard Connection, Mike has also created a message board which will be free of companies promoting products 24/7. So if you enjoy collecting and don’t want to have a product shoved down your throat, this is the place to be.

In case anyone is wondering, I am not participating in the referral contest so the bat is up for grabs to anyone who can bring in the most users. You can visit the all-new Cardboard Connection by CLICKING HERE.

You can view my profile by clicking here.

Good luck to all and thanks to Mike for this awesome service!




4 responses

26 01 2009

Signed up!!

26 01 2009
Mario A.

Anyone else having problems using the forum? I haven’t been able to post or register.

26 01 2009

It shows us both as being logged in, and I’ve actually posted a couple responses and a new thread. Only 3 views so far though. Try logging in again and see if you can post anything.

2 07 2009

is this still going down? i have never heard of it, will check it out..

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