Canseco vs. Bonaduce (results & photos)

The boxing fight of the year is upon us. In just a few hours, disgraced baseball player Jose Canseco will go up against child actor/adult stooge, Danny Bonaduce. The fight will take place at approximately 10 P.M Eastern time and will consist of three, one minute rounds.

The fight can be ordered through GoFightLive.TV but I will post the results as well as photos at Wax Heaven as soon as they become available. As of now, it’s been reported that Jose weighed in at 260 lbs., over twenty pounds more than his weight during his baseball days but he insists that he is “clean”.

In Canseco’s first celebrity boxing match, he was knocked out in the first round (link).


1. 10:48 P.M Eastern – The fight has been called a majority draw.

2. 12:52 A.M – First pictures hit the Internet

3. 1:19 A.M – Wax Heaven now linked from Google News!

4. 1:56 P.M – Wax Heaven linked from Deadspin!

5. 3:46 P.M – Danny Bonaduce leaves his two cents in the comments section!

Final Stats – 12,499 page hits in 24 hours!

63 thoughts on “Canseco vs. Bonaduce (results & photos)

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  1. I gotta go with Bonaduce. He’s got that drug induced, beserker rage going.

  2. I think there’s a typo in your post, the fight “will consist of three, one minute rounds.” 🙂 I think the fight will consist of one, 30 second round with Bonaduce getting a KO.

  3. Sorry, Mario. Bonaduce has teh crazy. It’s gonna be ugly. Of course they’ve both got financial problems, right? This might be a perfect time for gamblers to convince Danny to take a dive and put everything on the Bash Brother.

  4. As much as I hate to say it Mario, I’d love to see Bag ‘0 Douce knock Canseco senseless. I know Jose is your boy, but there’s something about this David vs Goliath match that I have to take the little guy.

    Of course, I could be completely wrong and Danny’s head could land in a bucket of popcorn in the 6th row.

    I can just imagine these two touching gloves and Canseco quoting Ivan Drago from Rocky 4, “I must break you.”

    And yes, that is my second Rocky 4 reference in 2 posts today.

  5. I’m not sure why, but I just paid for this. I think it was because Donny said he was going to let Jose have a free punch to the face. I guess I’ll pay $10 to see that!

  6. this fight could end with Danny Bonaduce dead, though I doubt that Canseco has the skills to do it. Regardless of whether he can fight or not, Canseco’s got about a foot and a hundred pounds on him. If this was real, and I’m stating the obvious here, this fight would never be allowed

  7. He looked drunk! He won. There wasn’t really any great action during the whole nite. He had the longer reach and used that to his advantage.

  8. I bet Canseco couldve eliminated ALL of his debt by not being tatooed over every square inch of his torsoe. He looks like my 4 yr old cousin got a hold of him & a box of Crayola markers.

    I feel bad for anyone who spent their hard earned money on this fight.

    What do you think the Vegas odds were on a majority draw?

  9. I thought mud wrestling was sleazy, but hey everyone has to find a way to make a dollar. How bout Mark and Jose in the next fight?

  10. Mario Mario Mario – As big of a Canseco fan as you are… You should know he has a tattoo on each arm… lol

  11. if you want to see Canseco’s real tattoo see www. ironsport .com

    jose trained at iron Sport Gym in Glenolden, PA the day of the fight. They have a photo posted of that visit

  12. soooo…one must wear a loud tatoo shirt to cover up the fat slob one has become after their epic fall from the graces of being a sports icon…got it.

  13. hmmm, I would have paid $10 just to hit Danny my own self! That tiny man is whacked – have you ever tried to have a conversation with him? He can’t stop moving around. I am betting in his next life he will come back as a kite – he has practice being high!.

    Jose’s shirt is really popular with teen age boys who are posers as “big bad boys”. nasty

  14. I don’t understand why some of you seem so angry. I am 5’6,” he is 6’6.” I am 165 lbs, he is 265 lbs. I did my absolute best and was still on my feet at the end of the fight. And, as much as people seem to hate Canseco, he said he hit me as hard as he could and couldn’t knock me down. It takes a “big man” to admit that. I think he hit harder and more often than I, but the fact that he is twice my size and couldn’t knock me down cost him the decision. When you’re fighting a man that big, when I’m a guy this small, there should have been no decision. I should have been carried out on a stretcher. He seems like a good guy. Give Canseco a break.

    -Danny Bonaduce

  15. Danny, the only credit I can give Jose is that he has gone to fight two guys who are way more skilled than he is. I mean, he could easily go up against “Screech” but instead has taken real challenges.

    Congrats on the win and in your appearance on Celebrity Wrestling. That was a lot more fun to watch.

  16. That’s a shirt?? Was Jose sponsored by Slim Goodbody?

    Dear Danny Bonaduce:

    I am sorry I said you had teh crazy even though that seemed to be the underlying theme to every reality show I’ve ever seen you in. Being a quarter Italian myself, I meant it in the best possible manner as it pertains to beating another man senseless. I’ve been through many family holiday dinners.

    Star struck schlub who wishes he could get someone more famous than Dani McCulloch’s angry boyfriend to post a comment on my blog.

  17. So it was a draw? I guess that means a win for Danny given the size and strength difference. Hat’s off to the Douche 🙂

  18. I pretty much figured Canseco would win because he’s huge compared to DB. This would be fun to see though. I wonder if it will be on youtube.

  19. Dear Bonaduce,

    Just because you are smaller and he didn’t knock your head off doesn’t justify a Draw. At one point in the third round I think he could of finished you off but instead he backed off and let you regain your composure. Honestly, I think he was scared of hurting you. I’ll give you the credit you do deserve, you looked like my 3 yr old fighting a Grizzly Bear and you still went head first into the fight. The whole event was was horribly planned and it was a let down when the “main event” ended in a draw. Hats off to both of you for trying to entertain us. I would just rather listen to you on the radio and watch Jose hit home runs than watch you two dance in the ring. Next time see if they can’t get Johnny Fairplay to fight. I’m pretty sure you would have all of us in your corner then! Just do me a favor and don’t end up on the next Celebrity Rehab, even after this your still better than that!

    Take care and good luck

  20. That Shirt Thing was hideous what the F&#* was Canseco thinking, at least he didnt get killed this time though, WOOHOO

  21. Gotta give Danny a ton of credit for saying anything. He’s in a no win position as far as trying to please or impress everyone, especially given exactly “who” he is fighting. Size and weightwise, he is correct to infer in his comments that the fight would have never been legally sanctioned as well.
    I give him credit for the effort – both here and in the rign – not to mention a bit of praise for what he’s physically done to get into the shape he is in given some of his prior indiscretions.
    I just don’t see any way you cannot like the guy at this point.

  22. Hey Danny! You rocked that night. You were standing at the end, you didn’t back off! Watching it was hard though, the size difference was sooo insane!! I kept rubbing my eyes hoping you would get bigger somehow LOL! It was shocking! And the fact that you even stepped in that ring was a win all in itself. The facts are the facts! YOU ROCKED!!

  23. Yo. Listen up haters. i dont see any of yous steppin in a ring with a dude 6’5″, 265. Actually no make that a foot taller than however tall you are, and 100 lbs heavier of mostly muscle. i dont wanna hear “i would do it, u dont know me” or any of that meaningless , empty crap either. Once you’ve done it, and left without being knocked out, then you can talk. If you haven’t, you’re nothin more than a coward behind a keyboard talkin about how a dude with enough balls to actually do that in real life, not Fantasy-land, in front of a lotttt of people, actually went to war and didn’t knock out the giant. So friggin what… ROCKY TIED APOLLO THE FIRST TIME YOU JACKASSES. Oh, guess you forgot our town’s hero, the heart he displayed, the odds he was up against, and what he did. What kinda short-memory havin, non-Philly pride havin-ass peons are ya. Go back to New York or wherever, we’re men with balls regardless around here.

  24. PS Let’s weigh the odds in here, shall we? Bonaduce is a veteran hard partier and lived a crazy life in the fast lane, still does, made all kinds of personal and now tells us hilarious stories of self-destruction every day. However he doesnt project his insecurities on anyone else, just laughs at himself. Canseco is the world’s biggest bitch–i mean snitch–i mean bitch–of all time. Ever. Dude ratted on all his boys, ALL HIS BOYS, and wrote a book about it, dimin ’em out IN PRINT. Musta dug ruinin their reps and family lives and careers, sadistic piece o’ garbage. So uh, who ya gonna pull for ? The big, bad snitch or the lil bad tazmanian devil? Oh yea thats right — yous are protectin the RAT and trash talkin the other guy who did nothin wrong to you except try to entertain you every morning. Congrats, awesome to know you’re polluting our city.

  25. Everyone in general who gives “bonadooch” a hard time. Don’t take it personal, guy.

  26. I hear ya. Personally, it was pretty badass of him to do it.

    He also did great on Celebrity Wrestling as well.

  27. Nice to see Jose out there back in the spot light. The guys an amazing entertainer, probably the most exciting baseball player who’s ever played.

    Thought for sure he’d knock out Danny, but i guess that last guy he faught was small too and knocked him out, so i’m glad he got a draw!

  28. Danny Bonaduce is the king. He’s a living legend that still walks the walk. Like Ali said…it ain’t bragging if you can do it, and Bonaduce is the king all day long.
    He is the greatest thing that ever lived, be it animal, vegetable, or mineral…

    long live Bonaduce!!

  29. Mario — Huge congrats to you on your coverage and all the deserved attention you are getting! I agree with Danny Bonaduce — He’s Rocky Balboa in Rocky I

  30. I didn’t watch it but was intrigued as to the result. Glad to hear Danny hung in there and took some genuine rough treatment, although I’m sure Conseco was instructed to not kill him beforehand.

  31. Where can i buy that shirt Jose was wearing? What a cool Halloween constume!

  32. Was the fight a tie (draw)? I only saw Jose raise his hand! The other people who post don’t give the fight results! The people that post either bash Jose or Danny. But they don’t say who won the fight!!!!????????????????!!!!

  33. And the winner is…..your total loss of credibility
    Ooops I forgot you never had any
    Danny Bonaduce + Ted Nugent = Washed up, Loud mouth,RepubliCON Losers

  34. Hey Hollywood -What a great way to make a perfect Ass out of yourself.

  35. I think Bonaduce did very well consider the size of the man he was in against. Had he been the one with that kind of size advantage, everyone would be railing against him for being a bully. And, if the size advantage would have been Bonaduce’s, Canseco wouldn’t have lasted the distance.

  36. what a couple of losers. dirt bags. danny is a drug addled self absorbed, selfish, ugly as sin, tiny filthy steroid abusing has been never was. jose is a face twitching, self absorbed, selfish, big filthy steroid abusing has been rat. i am your lord and savior and never do any wrong except dig in my ass for turd specks to flick at the imaginary democrats that are watching me in my chair that i never leave except to gather food and take a dump.

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