Topps cancels 2008 Sterling football!

22 01 2009

Thanks to reader Jeff W. for the tip!

Ladies and gentlemen, the economy has officially hit the Hobby.

“Please note that iCarly #406-08H and 2008 Topps Sterling Football #952-08H each scheduled to deliver the week of January 19th, have been canceled.”

This comes on the heels of Upper Deck canceling the popular Sweet Spot and Masterpieces baseball products. No word yet on what will happen to cards that might have already been printed.

Could this cancellation be a result of the god-awful 2008 Topps Letterman disaster?




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22 01 2009

According to Chris Carlin’s interview on last week, Sweet Spot is coming back after all in 2009. I’m definitely not sad about Topps Sterling though.

22 01 2009
Submarine Shane

I was bummed for about a second. Then I realized its Sterling…not the Triple Threads I have been waiting on. Anyway, I may have something to share after my usual Friday trip to the money pit.

Later Gang,
Submarine Shane…”The Man in the Street”

P.S. As Mario mentioned I will have some older pack and box breaks coming soon. Plus I have the 09 Topps Series 1 Baseball coming in Feb.

22 01 2009


22 01 2009

Subject: Topps Announces Product Cancellations

Please note that iCarly #406-08H and 2008 Topps Sterling Football #952-08H, each scheduled to deliver the week of January 19th, have been canceled.

2009 Topps Sterling Football will come out in May.

It hasnt been cancelled altogether, it just was delayed until May. This came from the blowoutcards website.

22 01 2009

Also from Blowout

2008 Topps Sterling Football

Darren McFadden?
Matt Ryan?

I would not be surprised in the least if they completely cancel it after the festering turd that is 2008 Sterling Baseball.

@Dave – I heard the interview too. There is going to be no Sweet Spot brand in 2009. They are going to be inserts in other brands. There is also no 2008 Sweet Spot Classic.

22 01 2009

With all these brands being canceled, does that mean the NFLPA and MLBPA are charging less for licensing?

22 01 2009
Jeff W

I’m going to miss some of those singles. I’m just irritated, the one year a Delaware Blue Hen is huge, Sterling has no rookie. Ah well, wouldn’t of bought it for awhile anyway.

22 01 2009

Sterling should have NO rookies for $300 a box.

They also shouldn’t have sticker autos, but that’s a whole seperate post.

22 01 2009
Jeff W

Rookies in football are totally different than baseball. Agree on the sticker.

17 02 2009
I Love ICarly

I busted ICarly retail wax all weekend long, is there something wrong with me?

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