Derek Jeter’s (Metal) Universe

Below is a few of the many base cards and inserts released by Fleer/Skybox Metal Universe from 1996-2000. As always, each of the small thumbnails will lead you to a full-size scan.

Also, most of these cards will not hurt your wallet and are readily available through eBay and other secondary sports cards markets. Trust me when I tell you, they make a great addition to any player collection and in some cases overshadow that plain-white game-used jersey you paid $10 dollars for.

It’s a damn shame Fleer is no longer around in baseball.



6 thoughts on “Derek Jeter’s (Metal) Universe

  1. Tammy

    I loved fleer baseball and fleer WNBA…those metal universe cards were definitely on of my favs

  2. slette

    Tracking down Pettittes, the Metal Universe cards have been some of the most fun to come across, based purely on their unapologetic gawdiness.

  3. orguss1

    I came accross 10 packs of 99 and a few 96 a few months ago and thought they were great cards. I always come accross boxes and think i should get one but always put it off until later. the other set I really liked was Topps Lazer, too bad Topps doesn’t do an insert set of these.

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