Will Obama rule the Hobby in 2009?

Barack Obama is officially our nation’s 44th President and with this you can expect Upper Deck, Topps, and the rest of the companies to milk it for as long as humanly possible. It looks like we are not the only ones getting inundated with Barack Obama crap, just watch what Lewis Black has to say about it (LINK).

It’s great that we have a President in office who is a baseball fan but really… can we save the rest of the Obama cards for this set? I hope we are not going to have to sit through a ‘Road to 500’ type set from any of the companies with regards to Barack OBama… or worse, an Obama “Super Short Print” card from 2009 Topps.

You can guess what the 2009 Topps gimmick will be HERE.

9 thoughts on “Will Obama rule the Hobby in 2009?

  1. Actually, I think card collectors are sick of him already from a collectible standpoint since he’ll be a non-baseball-type draw to the products. Outside of this hobby, I also think the upcoming card releases will fail because there will be so much Obama stuff (shirts, t-shirts, pins, bumper stickers, shot glasses, underwear, etc.) out there that a few baseball cards will fail the capture the attention of non card collectors.

    In this hobby, there is one basic Obama card that matters and it is the 2008 Topps Campaign card. Screw the predictors and all the special releases that are sure to come. That 2008 Topps card was made at the start of the campaign season and it was included in a set among other presidential hopefuls. If there is one Obama card to have — save for the autos — it is that card.

  2. I saw that auction this morning and almost put a bid in for the hell of it. As long as Obama is hugely popular there will be cards of him. He’s like a license to print money right now. Have you seen the ads for dollar bills with laser etched gold leaf Obamas on them on TV?

  3. Ryan

    There’s nothing worse then opening a pack of cards and getting a president or mascot or dinosaur bone or whatever else is the latest non-sport related gimmick.

  4. Hoiles

    I wonder what the complete set of ’09 Obama signed body part pics (also known as “cut” signatures) will go for on e-bay.

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