2009 Topps Attax preview!

14 01 2009

A couple of months ago, reader John from the U.K sent over a few packs of WWE Topps Slam Attax which as you can here, I had a blast with. While the cards were not as thick as what I am accustomed to, they were the standard size and the inserts featured Refractor-like technology.

Well, looks like the cards are coming to America and will even be featured in a national television ad campaign. Topps Attax will feature 230 different Major League stars with a total of 320 cards. Each starter pack contains 34 cards and will be priced at $7.99 while additional “booster” packs with 4 cards will set you back .99 cents.

Not only can you play Topps Attax with your friend, presuming you have any (sorry Mario Alejandro!), you will also be able to play Topps Attax at Toppstown.com! Well, that is if you are into this sort of thing.

Topps Attax is scheduled to ship mid-February. You can find the complete checklist HERE & HERE. Someone with good eye sight and time on their hands please let me know what Marlins are included as I went blind trying to read that checklist!




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14 01 2009
Sooz (A Cardboard Problem)

There are four Marlins.

14 01 2009

From what I can tell, the Marlins are Cameron Maybin, Dan Uggla, Jeremy Hermida and Jorge Cantu in base, and Hanley Ramirez in “Gold” and “Code” and Dan Uggla in “Silver.” (I’m assuming those are short prints rather like the uncommon and rare in Magic; I know everyone yelps about short prints but they do make a little bit of sense in regards to game mechanics. BTW, when did the short print idea make it over to sports cards? If M:TG started it, I’ll laugh.)

14 01 2009

There’s something pretty wrong with the Starter Pack Gold Exclusive Cards. Those players and teams really have no correlation at all.

14 01 2009

OK – another product in which I’ll try to pick up the Rays cards and ignore the rest. I have a feeling that 90% of the new products in 2009 will be this way.

14 01 2009

This really isn’t a product though. It’s a kid’s game with flimsy, cheaply made cards. There will be no secondary value for these cards whatsoever. Of course that won’t stop morons from trying to sell them on eBay 🙂

14 01 2009

I’ll play you Mario!

This is way better than Opening Day! I’m bummed that the Chipper appears to be some sort of insert but there’s the first Javy Vazquez Braves card at least!

14 01 2009

I Agree with andrew it says that G. Maddux and J. Robinson are Angels, C. Young and T. Cobb are D-backs, N. Ryan a Brave, B. Ruth, L. Gehrig, M. Mantle, and H. Wagner are Red Sox

14 01 2009
Jeff W

Pokemon, but baseball?

14 01 2009
Jason Ballew

7 cards I want from that set. Although since when was Nolan Ryan a catcher for the Braves (2nd checklist, bottom right)

14 01 2009

If the game is fun and it’s marketed well, this could be a nice product for Topps and baseball. The cards look pretty decent, considering they’re game cards and not baseball cards.

I could see myself buying some of these, but I’ve always had a soft spot for oddballs. (I usually picked up a pack or two of MLB Showdown any time I saw them, too.)

15 01 2009

Just something else I will waste money on. Thanks Topps, lol.

15 01 2009

Oh God … When will card companies understand that no one plays baseball card games like other TCGs (trading card games; i.e. Magic).

In a day and age of video games and fantasy sports, there is no need for two kids (or adults, or mix of both) to break out the starter decks and booster packs to get their baseball fix. I mean I totally understand the older stuff like Classic board games and Cadaco disc games, but none of those involved building decks and spending varying amounts of money to make sure you beat the other guy.

What baffles me is that Topps would decide to bring this about during a year in which companies are cutting back on more traditional card issues that COLLECTORS will buy. These TCGs have a very small audience and that little share is not your traditional collector. Hell, even player collectors won’t buy this stuff directly. They’ll find other means to obtain the card.

If Topps was looking to make its cards more interactive, it should have brought back Topps Total. With an 800-card base set, set collectors enjoyed the challenge, occasional pack busters enjoyed the rip, and the back of the cards gave us a game similar to TCGs. I forgot to mention that the 10- to 15- card packs were affordable and the cards offered important information like statistics.

15 01 2009

Is Joba throwing Howard a beer? Does it take into consideration the DUI Joba had? Or the Sloppy April Rhyno always starts out with?

25 05 2009

the games fun but does cost alot of money

28 06 2009

I think the game is fun but why do people give you fake codes. It’s so annoying.

28 06 2009
Mario A.

They are not fake codes. They have been used already.

1 10 2009

I love this game!!!!
i have hundreds of cards,and a nolan ryan card=100 87 83

1 08 2010

i live for this game.i have babe Ruth and Nolan Ryan

20 11 2010

I don’t know if anyone else noticed but the teams and positions shown for the exclusive 9 cards are just a copy from the first nine entries on the silver list above. Looks like a cut and paste error.

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