A Wax Heaven challenge!

When I discovered RSS Readers a few months back I remember subscribing to over 100 sports card blogs all at once. Throughout the day I would get constant alerts anytime one of the bloggers updated their site. At first this was fun but eventually it became too time consuming and overwhelming even for me.

Today, that subscription list is down to under ten blogs and Old School Breaks is one of them. A few weeks ago John asked me to send him all the New Jersey Devils I pulled from the Upper Deck hockey box breaks and I did. There were no autographs, game-used relics, or serial numbered cards in the stack of about 15. Today, this bad boy arrived (along with a few other goodies) with a note that said all he wanted were Devils.

The problem with this is that Beckett Media ruined any chances of me ever getting any more hockey boxes to review so I am in a bind. I have known John for quite some time and know he could care less if I send anything in return, after all… he sent in a dual autograph of two baseball super stars #’d to 35 for a bunch of cheap base cards.

My challenge to the readers of Wax Heaven is simple: whoever can come up with the most cards of Martin Brodeur (John’s favorite) will get this beautiful Upper Deck autograph to add to their collection. The catch is that there must be at least one autograph and two game-used relics.

The winner will receive the dual auto and several Hanley Ramirez and Dan Uggla parallels for their trouble. Please contact me by e-mail if you wish to take the challenge. The last person who participated ended up with a Mickey Mantle “relic” (LINK).

E-Mail: WaxHeaven@Gmail.com


  1. Wow Mario, I’m flattered. I’m not sure if the auto stipulation is necessary (Marty’s autos are pricey even though he signs a lot), but still… Thanks a lot!

  2. This is not on the main topic of your post, but…RSS feeders are amazing. If you’ve narrowed down your list too much you risk missing out on a lot of great content! I recommend setting up your Google Reader into different “folders” that you can browse through a few times a day. If something piques your interest, go for it. If you find that you’re consistently not reading something, then delete it. I’ve found that as I’ve gradually expanded my reader list (I initially started with about 7-10 sites that I knew were solid) that I was exposed to much more interesting content than I could ever imagine. Take it slow, but let that reader list grow! (Also, I’m not sure what you use for RSS feeds, but I HIGHLY recommend google reader)

  3. Mario – You can only read 10 blogs? What? Come on man… to be the best blog, you have to know what the others are doing. “Get your learn on” and get that RSS moving! 🙂 Seriously though, you’re missing out on some great content out there if you only read 10 blogs.

    I use the Omea Jetbrains reader – its pretty good.

  4. JRJ, I read many blogs but only get updates to about 10.

    I usually check out Gellman’s links 3-5 times per day to check on what blogs have updates I might be interested in.

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