A “Problem” with the Heavenly 7!

By late 2008 I thought I was familiar with every single card-related blog in our community. Trust me when I tell you that as of now there is one blog out there for every single type of collector. Unfortunately, ‘A Cardboard Problem’ had somehow managed to completely slip past my radar until Steve of White Sox Cards linked to them. On the night I discovered their blog I did something I have only done one time in the past two years: I went through every single one of their posts. That went back to April of 2007, several months before Wax Heaven was even in existence.

Of course, to add one blog I must remove one and it was no easy choice. The only thing I really demand as a reader of the blogs on the Heavenly Seven is frequent, on-topic content and the only one that has really not come through is Stale Gum. This is in no way a personal choice because ask Chris Harris who is one of his most frequent commentators on his YouTube videos and the answer is Wax Heaven.

So I’d like to welcome A Cardboard Problem to the Heavenly Seven! Your non-stop baseball card commentary and box breaks is a breath of fresh air. I ask all readers to check them out, bookmark them, do whatever you have to do. See? Who says Wax Heaven hates all things New York? Suzi and Marie are both big Yankees fans but thankfully they throw in a good Jose Canseco post every now and then.


P.S – you can still find Stale Gum and many others in the Sports Cards Blog Directory!


11 thoughts on “A “Problem” with the Heavenly 7!

  1. Wow – they’ve been around since April ’07? I thought they were new. But I totally agree with you. I discovered A Cardboard Problem within the last month and I’ve found it to be one of the best and most entertaining blogs out there since then. They’re a worthy addition to the Heavenly 7.

  2. Thanks Mario.

    I really appreciate it. Marie and I became friends about three years ago and once we realized how much we loved baseball cards, there was no parting us.

    The only thing we ever lost was money.

    We hope to entertain readers of the blog, although, I may be the only one that laughs at my jokes. šŸ™‚

  3. by your standards there is one other blog on your seven that is not pulling its weight even more than stale gum

  4. Well, I guess I’ll go the Hollywood route and say: “It was an honor just be nominated.”

    But it’s good to see a fellow sportswriter in the Heavenly 7!

  5. I actually just fell over their blog last night on my way through some links. I’ve gotta tell ya, Chevy Chasing over blogs is usually quite painful and inconvenient, but I was pleasantly surprised when I happened upon this gem run by not one–but TWO–that’s right, TWO–ladies who are ACTUALLY INTO COLLECTING CARDS AND NOT ASHAMED TO BRAG ABOUT IT! Kudos, ladies. I’ll be watching you like an excommunicated priest to porn.

    Okay, maybe I won’t be watching you quite THAT closely. I am a married man, after all.

  6. This is Marie from A Cardboard Problem, I just wanted to say thanks to Mario for the recognition. Now we will have to keep buying cards, how will we ever survive?

    And topher (who happens to be a very nice guy everyone), that is a wee bit scary, but if that makes you happy go for it!

  7. I agree with JD. I hate to say it, but there’s definately one blog on that list that I almost never bother to check.

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