What happened to Nolan Ryan’s face?!?

It sucks to be color blind. On certain days I cannot tell the difference between Yellow & Orange or Green or Brown. This of course has left me feeling somewhat self-conscious about my ability to tell colors. As a collector of sports cards, you can imagine how difficult this can be.

Thankfully products like Topps and Bowman Chrome make their parallels easy to tell apart but try to ask me the color of a Masterpieces of Heroes parallel and I freeze up and do an Ashley Simpson hoedown to avert attention away from my weakness. With all that being said, color blind or not I know there is something just not right with Nolan Ryan’s 1990 Fleer base card.

Do a Google Images search. I can’t find any particular time when Nolan’s face was the same color as an Orange that had been left out in the pit of hell for a year. Was this Fleer’s Photoshop failure? Maybe there was a bug on Nolan’s face or something that they wanted to air brush out and this was the outcome? Surely someone out there knows the truth.

If you have any ’90 Fleer lying around go and look for Randy Johnson’s base card. There is something way wrong with that one as well. I can’t quite put my fingers on it but I am sure you guys will.

5 thoughts on “What happened to Nolan Ryan’s face?!?

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  1. Timmy, thanks for looking. I actually owned that card about six months ago and sold it.

    It is ALMOST perfect, all the way down to it being “Chrome”. Good find!

  2. Hmm…maybe I’m not seeing it?

    Yeah, his face looks fairly red–more so than it probably should’ve been thanks to high saturation on the colors–but not so much that I’d sit and wonder about it for awhile.

    Maybe his face is just red from throwing 90 pitches on a day game in Arlington in August?

  3. I’m with Steve fromn TX.
    He just looks like he’s hot and sweating to me.

  4. Looks like my girlfriend after walking past the Macy’s makeup counters. I’m still not sure if some of those sales girls used to work for the circus.

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