Is your Sweet Spot fading?

In my personal collection, I have a total of three Andrew Miller 2007 Sweet Spot autographs that I absolutely love. Unfortunately, I have become a victim of Sweet Spot fading. Apparently, I am not the only one. You would think that for such a “high-end” product Upper Deck would be able to use better materials but I guess not.

This of course is one of the hazards of collectors wanting everything “on-card”. Upper Deck also took some heat for a few of their Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Jumbo Patch Autographs a month back. Would you prefer an ugly, faded autograph or an even uglier sticker like the ones introduced in Topps Letterman Football?

Aside from the fading, can anyone tell me what else is wrong with this card?


  1. The problem is not the auto being “on card” as much as it is as being “On Ball”. Anyone who collects autographed balls knows that the use of the wrong ball or the wrong pen can cause fading. A lot of it deals with the quality of leather that’s used in the ball. On the whole, the “Official MLB” balls hold signatures a lot better than the Rawlings OLB1 “Official League” ball. However, the use of a substandard pen on a ball, or especially a Sharpie, will cause fading no matter what kind of ball you use. A lot of it also depends on how much light the auto is exposed to and also if it is sunlight or artificial. While the same happens with “on card” signatures that are straight on the card, That’s usually more the light or pen issue than anything else.

  2. It is definitely that bullshit fake leather ball UD used for this high-end product, just as I stated in my post. Thanks for bring more attention to this, Mario. This 07 Sweet Spot product was trash.

  3. Sharpie+Ball=fuzzysig

    I learned my lesson with a Phil Niekro auto.

    Now, an updownside Nolan Ryan auto – that’s comedy!

  4. Ben, seriously. What is your beef with Sweet Spot?

    1. It’s not a high end product. $42/tin all day. 2008 will come down in a couple months as well. Even at $90/box, that’s not even close to high end.

    2. Only certain ones fall victim to fading. I have 12 Sweet Spot autos from 2003-2007. Exactly 2 of them are faded, and I believe it is because of the pen used by the athlete, or given by UD. None of my gold autos are faded, nor my silver, nor are my bat or glove autos. So, I’m fairly certain this is a relatively limited problem, and also has something to do with exposure as Russ said, because I have never pulled a faded auto from a tin.

    I check your blog all the time and don’t remember that post, so where is all the Sweet Spot animosity coming from?

  5. Two of my favorite “on ball” sweet spot autos were signed using ballpoint pens. One is a dual Joe Nathan/Francisco Liriano in red ink #d to 35 from ’06 and the other is a Kirby Puckett in blue ink from ’03. Most of all of the other sweet spot cards I have, be they on “glove,” “bat,” or “ball,” the sharpie-applied sigs are a bit fuzzy at best.

  6. Charlie, I LOVE Sweet Spot … when the leather used on the cards is actually leather and the signatures look fine. I own at least six Sweet Spot signatures from different years and four of them are just fine. The one that is not (the Gaylord Perry) is signed on a synthetic ball material. The ink bled into the material and looked faded before it even saw the light of day. Seriously, that is my only beef with the actual signatures. If you’ve got any Sweet Spot Classics autos from ’07 compare the ball leather used on that card to the material used on any other Sweet Spot auto, it’s clear they are not the same. That’s why I bitched about that particular product.

    Now if you’re referring to my ’08 retail break, that’s a whole different story.

  7. Actually you can redeem the fading ones to Upper Deck for replacements. I did with my Adam Lind and got the same card back but just another number and it is not faded.

  8. I have yet to see an ’08 Will Clark sweet spot on ebay that hasn’t been fading. Prior years I haven’t had any problem with his cards fading.

  9. Whether you like the product or not (I really like it) it’s BS this happens. 2/12, 2/6 or whatever it is that’s not some kind of marginal error rate, it’s a huge problem.

  10. I have a Dennis Eckersley Sweet Spot glove with the signature completely gone.

  11. For Christmas I recently pulled a Nolan Ryan and JR Richard duel autograph. The writing on it looked all faded, then i looked down to the bottom of the sticker and it said recieved by 8/17/2009. I have no clue what to do with the card. I was looking for a Nolan Ryan auto. It also says that its Red Stitch Blue ink, how do you know what its numbered to? I am pretty upset with this redemtion card after buys about a dozen of these boxes. And Charlie, the Sweet spot classics are around 60-75 dallors (at my local card shop). Now do I get a replacement that isnt a Nolan Ryan or JR Richard, Or will I recieve a autograph of some random guy. Thanks Upperdeck!!!

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