Everything old is new again

Ever since 2007 Sport Kings released a Pete Rose certified autograph it seems the “in” thing to do in the Hobby is to continue on that trend. Lately, both Donruss and Razor have come out with their own overpriced, Pete Rose certified autographs but it seems that many have forgotten about the 1985 Topps certified autograph randomly inserted in ‘The Official Pete Rose Baseball Card Set” (LINK).

Not only is this autograph on-card, it also features a Major League Logo. Basically, it’s way more legit than any of today’s Rose autographs and quite possibly more rare. There is one eBay auction selling ten sets for under $300 dollars with each set containing one Pete Rose certified autograph. Sadly, most Pete Rose collectors will most likely end up getting scammed with some 2008 monstrosity like this instead of a beautiful, licensed Topps card like the one below.

14 thoughts on “Everything old is new again

  1. If there’s nine others out there interested, I’d be in for splitting a case up. $30 for a Rose autograph sounds good to me. It’s a nice card too.

  2. I have a card from this set! I always wondered what the heck it was… Hell yeah, I’d want a set for 30 bucks.

  3. Hey Ryan… I’d be interested in getting in on that. Email me if you get a group together (idrinkcoke@aol.com). I have always wanted a Rose autograph.

  4. I am still scratching my head over the Pete Rose autograph card craze. I mean I can’t think of another player that so freely signs in public. I have 10 of his autographs. Including the one in this set. His autograph could be had from his restaurant in Florida for a mere $20. For $50 he’ll sign anything you want.

  5. You guys are true collectors.

    I was thinking of buying it and selling each Rose for $75 to make a nice profit. Good luck to you guys!

  6. Chemgod, I see your point, but this “craze” for Pete Rose autographs has more to do with certified issues. I want a Pete Rose auto for my collection and absolutely despise the stuff Donruss has produced this year. I do not want a sticker ‘graph, and I do not want just any old Rose signature certified by PSA. For the price, this 1985 Topps Rose is an awesome deal. If we each pay $30 to get a “early” certified Rose signature and a set, that’s a steal in my mind.

  7. How is it Razor’s or Donruss’s fault if their Pete Rose autographs are overpriced???? Of course they want their autographs to sell for the most possible but once they produce the cards and it is inserted into packs collectors are going pay what they pay. If you think they should sell $50 and they end up selling for $200 then that is a good job by the card companies. 99% of the time you can buy an autographed card of ebay for considerably less than what they charge the manufactorers. If UD or Topps pays $40 for each Joe Flacco signature and if you can buy them on ebay for $18-$32 then that is a bad job by the card companies. Bottom line if a card company increases the value of a cheaper autograph into something more expensive = good. If a card company decreases the value of an autograph by placing it on a card = bad

  8. I put an offer in. I think there is a total of 7 right now who want one. I’ll try to email everyone with the details if you are still interested or send me an email if you don’t get one. Just put Rose in the subject. gritz76@yahoo.com

  9. I scored the lot for $250. $28 will cover everything if anyone is still interested. If not I’m gonna try to flip this on ebay.

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