The 2008 Baseball Card Awards!

22 12 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome  to the 2008 Baseball Card Awards, formerly known as ‘The Waxies”. This time around I asked the Wax Heaven readers to vote on 3 of the 6 awards and the outcome was simply amazing. A total of 701 votes were tallied up for the 2008 Baseball Card Awards (link), not counting those who “wrote in” Razor Collectibles as the worst trading card company!

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the voting and those who support Wax Heaven on a daily basis. Your feedback, e-mails, and even packages make running the site a one of a kind experience. As a thank you, expect a big contest coming in early January 2009.

And now, onto the awards!

Best Wax Heaven Post of 2008

I went through a lot in 2008, including an awesome experience meeting my new, favorite player,  Andrew Miller of the Florida Marlins. Andrew proved to me that not all baseball players are arrogant jerks as he made my wife and I a promise before a game and miraculously kept him word (link).

Still, nothing will ever beat the day I met my childhood hero after nearly twenty years of collecting and in some years, worshiping him. Turns out, Jose Canseco is not such a bad guy after all and on that night I got to see a different side of him so few ever get to experience. It truly saved my interest in baseball and collecting and made for one hell of a story which you can find HERE.

Worst  Card Company

Topps never really stood a chance the moment 2008 Letterman Football hit the Internet. Let’s see, collectors hate sticker autographs and manufactured patches. Hmm, how about a sticker autograph on a manufactured patch? That’s exactly what Topps brought to collectors and expected them to fork over exuberant amounts of cash for it.

37% of you voted for Topps, 30% voted for Upper Deck and a surprising 27% for Donruss (link).

Best Overall Design

I expected Topps Stadium Club to come in late to steal this victory. After all, despite the horrible autograph checklist and ridiculous price tag, it crushed any other product of 2008 in photography, hands down . Surprisingly, Stadium Club barely finished in the top 3, in a tie with Topps Heritage.

In what was the most exciting poll to follow, Upper Deck Masterpieces edged out a victory over Topps Allen & Ginter by just 1% and a total of two votes (link).

Card of the Year

As much as we sports collectors hated it, there was just no escaping political themed baseball cards from Upper Deck, Topps, Donruss, Razor Collectibles, etc. At the same time, while Allen & Ginter continued experimenting with “DNA Relic” cards, they also included an autograph of a future United States President named Barack Obama in their flagship brand. The last one of these cards sold for just under $2,500 dollars with 24 bids.

Runners up for the award went to the Allen & Ginter Woolly Mammoth “DNA” relic and Tristar’s beautiful Babe Ruth 1 of 1 cut signature that is currently on eBay (link). There may be dozens of cut signatures of Babe Ruth on the market but not many look as clean as Tristar’s version.

Blog of the Year

I must admit that when Adam Gellman began his blog I was not much of a fan. Over the past few months I watched from the sidelines as he almost single-handedly took on Beckett Media and somehow came out looking better each and every time. You may not always agree with his views and opinions but not many card blogs made the kind of impact that Sports Cards Uncensored did and for that it is the Blog of the Year!

Best of 2008

Say what you will about Topps but when they are on their game no one can stop them. This race wasn’t even close as Allen & Ginter won by a landslide with a whopping 40 more votes than Upper Deck Masterpieces. Upper Deck’s flagship and Bowman came in with 11% to tie for third place (link).

Along with DNA relics of an extinct species and a legendary president, Allen & Ginter continues to be one of the most popular baseball card brands of the last few years. This year the Hobby world went absolutely insane over “Rip Cards”, 1 of 1 Wood cards, and Topps’ Crack the Code contest. It truly put ’08 Allen & Ginter on a new level which might be impossible to surpass in 2009.

— — —

Once again, thanks to all who voted and stay tuned for an even bigger Baseball Card Awards in 2009!




4 responses

22 12 2008

Next year best product UPPER DECK SPX!!

22 12 2008

I won blog of the year? Wow, thanks!

Ill tell you, its tough not to think of Wax Heaven as Blog of the year, as you are the face of the ‘sphere. I think there is a ceiling to the number of actual visitors a site about cards can have, and you have crushed that. You should win this award, not me.

Either way, thank you to the academy, thank you to Beckett for giving me so much gold to work with, and thank you to God, I wouldnt be here without you, Big ups to god.


23 12 2008
Jeff W

Donruss that high is shocking. They do it right in football, if they had a license in baseball they’d have something for everyone. Masterpieces deserves the honor, beautiful cards this year.

23 12 2008
Mario A.

This took me hours to put together and was overshadowed by the Beckett post.


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