The real victim of “loaded” boxes

20 12 2008

I have never really had an issue with Beckett’s “loaded” boxes for their Box Busters episodes up until today. You see, I can barely afford to buy a few singles on eBay now and then so I cannot relate to buying wax the way other collectors do any longer. That being said, longtime reader “Submarine Shane” recently sent me an email about a Hobby shop disaster he encountered this past Friday.

You see, although I didn’t touch Razor Cut Signature Encore with a 10-foot pole because I knew how worthless it was I know many did watch Beckett’s Box Busters episode which in three lone packs yielded a Charlton Heston cut, a Pete Rose on-card autograph, and a “1 of 1” Lucille Ball cut signature. Who wouldn’t automatically assume that this product is loaded with amazing cards?

Well, Shane took the plunge and purchased three $85 packs of Razor Cut Signature Encore and let’s just say his results didn’t quite match Beckett’s loaded, hand-delivered boxes. This is exactly why companies like Beckett should not accept products from manufacturers but should in fact hit the streets (Chris could use the exercise) and bust a live box in a local Hobby shop.

Here are the results of Shane’s horrific Razor break:

Pack 1. Alex Haley

Haley, who passed away in 1992 was the author of Roots and The Autobiography of Malcolm X. While that may sound impressive, Haley has been accused of plagiarism and is considered a “black sheep” despite being the best-selling African-American author of all-time.

Pack 2. Cornel Wilde

WHO?!? Cornel was an actor, director, and producer who passed away in 1989 of Leukemia. In his later years, Cornell appeared on shows like The Love Boat, Murder She Wrote, and Fantasy Island. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

Pack 3. Nicole Eggert MOJO!!!!

Yes guys, Shane’s best hit in an almost $300 dollars wax shopping spree was 80’s sitcom star, 90’s poor man’s Pamela Anderson, Nicole Eggert. If you grew up in the 80’s odds are you worshiped Nicole on the cheesy ‘Charles in Charge’. As she got older she added an extra cup size or two to her breast and joined the cast of Baywatch. All I can say about Nicole is that according to Wikipedia, she once had a “serious relationship” with Corey Haim.


So there you have it.  Watch Beckett’s Box Busters if you want to see cards you will likely never pull but don’t make the mistake of falling for a product simply from one airing. Search YouTube, Message Boards, and Blogs before you take a plunge like Shane did.

By the way, Shane wanted me to let you guys know that he is no longer collecting and is simply bustin’ wax for the gamble and flip of it so don’t shed a tear for his horrible Razor busts. He knows that the same boxes that Beckett busts are not what the Hobby shops are receiving and even went through with the purchase after seeing 4 other Razor Cut Signature Encore breaks which were even worse than his.

Next week Shane is going to be bustin’ a few boxes of 2008 Topps Sterling and I promised him that if he’s interested I could do a ‘Card of the Day’ feature on his best pull to help lure in some bidders to his sale. Stay tuned and as always, stay away from Razor Cut Signature Encore unless you work for Beckett Media or Brian Grey delivered the box to your front door.




33 responses

20 12 2008

“Cornell appeared on shows like The Love Boat, Murder She Wrote, and Fantasy Island. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!”


20 12 2008

Razor is just as much to blame for this as anyone IMO. If they are giving Beckett loaded boxes they are enablers and should be held in the same light as Beckett if you ask me. If the card companies weren’t providing loaded boxes and all the other goodies they send out would Beckett be able to run shop the way they currently do? My guess is NO

20 12 2008

both Razor and Becket should be investigated for false advertising

20 12 2008

It’s pretty goddamn obvious when the OWNER of the company sits there and breaks the boxes with the 2 douches, and best of all, he’s the one who pulls the 1/1. I really don’t blame Brian though, he’s in this business to make $$$ just like Topps and UD. If Beckett is stupid/arrogant/greedy/douche baggy enough to give him a forum to do nothing more than promote his product and drive sales, good for him. Beckett knows this is exactly what they are doing, and they keep right on doing it. If people/collectors/prospectors/gamblers are dumb enough to buy into the hype, so be it.

20 12 2008

This is why I voted for Razor as the worst “card company”. I don’t consider them a legitimate card company at all. I am shocked that anyone actually buys product like this. Their products are hideous, overpriced, and full of crap.

Ya see, Razor knows that if there are a number of people that will buy only because of these loaded breaks. It doesn’t cost them anything, so they have nothing to lose. For example, Razor is going to give 3 boxes to Beckett anyway. So the cost to Razor is those three boxes whether they are crappy or not. If those boxes are crappy aka “average” then people are less likely to buy. If the boxes are loaded, then people will be more likely to buy and nothing we can tell them will change their mind. Much like a Nigerian 419 advanced fee scam (those emails that tell you that you can get $40,000,000 if you only pay the document fees) banks, family, and friends will tell the “victim” that its a scam, but the “victim” has so bought into the scam that they continue on with it. Some people don’t believe that this is how it works, but I have seen it first hand more than once. Instead, there are hundreds of real box breaks out there on my site, wax heaven, box busters, hundreds on youtube that reveal that a product is full of junk, yet people still buy waiting for the pay off.

Most of us were not going to buy their crap anyway, so Razor has not lost a customer, they have only gained the idiots that think they too can pull that 1/1 Lucille Ball that has already been pulled or a similar card. I hope Razor goes the way of so many fad brands of the 90’s. Sorry Pinnacle we hardly knew ye. Did I mention how much I hate Razor and their crappy cut up sig cards? So Razor, as I continue to spend thousands of dollars on Topps and Upper Deck, you will get nothing!


20 12 2008

I am putting my foot down now after seeing this. I am boycotting all Razor products.

20 12 2008
Cardboard Addiction

Ouch, Razor should be embarassed by that product. It doesn’t look like Razor’s gonna catch on. I haven’t read a positive thing about the Company or it’s cards. I do take issue with you Mario, calling Charles in Charge “Cheesy”. I learned many childhood life lessons from that show. Wait a minute. Forget it, that was Full House.

20 12 2008

Really funny thing I just noticed while looking at these on eBay. Most of these are selling in the $20-30 range, and the poor bastards have to pay extra for a subtitle to explain who the person even is so that people will look at the listing.

20 12 2008

i bought 2 packs of the first version and pulled a faith hill auto and a yogi berra auto. i got lucky with my pulls. the berra is numbered to 5 and i still have it.

20 12 2008

Never mind who these cards are of… the cards themselves are just wretched! I would be beyond pissed if an $85 pack produced a card that contains a cutout out of someone’s thirty year old paycheck. The Alex Haley card is mostly garbage with a little tiny signature on it. I wouldn’t pay $5 for one of these on ebay.

20 12 2008

The Alex Haley sig is pretty cool, but I don’t know about 300 dollar cool. It’s all just deceptive advertising. Bait with the Lucille Ball, switch with the Nicole Eggert. A better (and more honest) way to do this would be to have a camera go to Razor’s plant, have the owner show off the really cool cards and then put ’em in the wrapper machine to be boxed out. That way the customer sees the big hits and knows that they are out there in a pack somewhere. I watch “How It’s Made” on the Discovery channel all the time, I’d love to watch a bunch of high end products getting boxed up.

20 12 2008

Signed checks are such a cop out for a cut signature card. They are a rather cheap way to get the signature of the desired person. BUT you should not be dropping $85 and receiving hacked checks of people collectors consider mediocre pulls.

I’ve got a Ted Williams endorsed check sent to the Jimmy Fund in 1954. My cost? $40. If Topps or UD found this check and put it into a card, it’d probably fetch $800-$1,500 … hmmm.

20 12 2008

Actually I want to add an addendum: Cut checks are fine for deceased folks from the early part of the 20th century, but this garbage signed on a Bank of America check from 1987 is trash. The one that irks me is a certain Joe DiMaggio cut sig that I’ve seen a few times at a shows in the Bay Area. It literally is a BofA check.

20 12 2008

Wax is what it is

You can either hit or not hit with any product you open.

21 12 2008
Submarine Shane

As Mario mentioned I am not a collector..I am a box buster, flipper, gambler, whatever you want to call it. This stuff is pretty bad but I will also say I have paid more for UD, Donruss, Topps, etc. products that were much worse.
I am not going to defend Razor, I really think the guy that owns that deal is a crook. I will say that the first Razor Cut Signature product I opened yielded cards of Sarah Michele Geller…selling for $200+each, a bunch of Presidents that average $90 and up. That product was limited to 2,388 cuts…this product is almost 6,000 cuts and thats part of the reason we got such wonderful cards this time..haha.
I open almost every product thats released. Exquiste, Premier, National Treasures, and even cheap $60 boxes with junk relics. I will open Topps Sterling Baseball this week and also Prime Cuts Baseball if they ship on time. I look at the checklist for Topps Sterling and I see that it would be nice to pull one of about half the players listed. I mean I really would hate to open my first box and get Paul Molitor.

Later Gang

21 12 2008
Jeff W

I agree this is on the company who loads the boxes. Nothing beats what Upper Deck loads up for Beckett, but now everyone does it.

21 12 2008

Whatever happened to caveat emptor?

21 12 2008

See what is crazy about all this, not one even mentioned that they were encased by Beckett, So think about it Beckett could have seeded the box.

21 12 2008

Thanks for bringing this to light, Mario. Not only is this Razor cut signature product crap, but their baseball card “signature series” product is crap too. I busted a box of it yesterday and it totally sucked. I’ll be posting the video showing the awful results on YouTube and my blog later tonight.

21 12 2008
Mario A.

I knew Razor draft was bad after weeks of having it force fed to me.

Looking forward to your video!

21 12 2008

This product and company are pure trash, lets scour ebay for cut signatures made by god knows who mostly unauthenticated and put our company name on the line. Lets also not ignore the fact these are NOT authenticated yet placed in a bgs slabs to give the illusion like they are (even though on several occasions brian has said the new release will be slabbed jsa which they didnt, GEEZ I wonder why?).

Razor is a complete and utter gimmick of whats hot, First poker was red hot they made poker cards then cut signatures where hot and BAMN a cut sig product. Now its on to prospects. Whats next the high school musical cards? Maybe a rock of love std card? Then brian will tell you how he is listening to collectors as he takes you to the bank after releasing a awful looking designed card. His arrogance is making this crash somewhat enjoyable in a sick and twisted way, kind of watching a train wreck.

One good thing they have going for them is they know how to “buy” off some sites so that certain people look like asses and go to their ends defending this trash so razor dont have to in EVERY topic on the matter. Their most recent spin job that the prospect product is like 04 sp is hilarious cause as recent as 1 month ago they where yelling and crying that no one can tell the future when people asked what the value of these card would be at release (cause most agreed these would be pretty much worthless), but yet now magically they can tell the future now that it kind of works in their favor.

21 12 2008
Mario A.

Wow, best rant I have read in quite so time.

Thanks, Rocky.

21 12 2008

“A better (and more honest) way to do this would be to have a camera go to Razor’s plant, have the owner show off the really cool cards and then put ‘em in the wrapper machine to be boxed out. That way the customer sees the big hits and knows that they are out there in a pack somewhere. I watch “How It’s Made” on the Discovery channel all the time, I’d love to watch a bunch of high end products getting boxed up.”

How awesome would that be? I am dying for one of those videos.

22 12 2008
Mario A.

I see Beckett Blog has posted their response to this post. I am sure Brian Gray forced their hands….

22 12 2008
Jeff N

I just spent 15 minutes on that site. I can’t find a damn thing. Links?

22 12 2008
Submarine Shane

I like that. See, I could do the same and post an Peyton Manning 1/1, Roger Staubach 1/1, Vincent Price and some other crap that came from the shop too…but I wont. We all know its junk and now Im not too sure about that Prime Cuts product…haha.

Later Gang

22 12 2008

So the Peyton Manning hacked up ball and the Tony Hawk are supposed to make us feel better? Is it because the Hawk is a 1/1 and the Manning is /10 and thus rare? Or are they trying to appease the Beckett masses?

25 12 2008

caveat emptor? Let the buyer beware? WTF! Let them beware by having the company that supposedly checks to make sure these are goods products get hand “cherry” picked boxes delivered to them by the President of the other company. I gaurantee that Consumer Reports doesn’t make toast with GE or brush thier teeth with the marketing chief of Colgate. Its pure BS what Beckett does. Working in retail let me wake you up a little, BECKETT SELLS BASEBALL CARDS! Why, why, why is a company that is supposed to be telling us about the industry and reviewing products selling those same products? Take a coffee enema and wake up Beckett is a scam, and screw anyone that backs them up because you aren’t being true to anyone by defending Beckett. EVER!

30 12 2008

A small, but related true story, with a dash of fable:

I remember I took a Speech Communications 102 class in college back in 1989, and at one point, I did a speech on the sports card collecting hobby. I bought a few packs of ’89 Topps, and I gently opened them up to inspect their contents. I wanted to make sure that the packs I handed out to the class to bust open had a hit (Canseco, natch), at least by the standards of the day. I carefully re-sealed the wax packs I opened, with, well, more wax, and I thought I did a pretty seamless job compared to the still factory-sealed ones.

Speech day came around, I handed out the packs, good cards I knew about got opened, thus highlighting the points of my speech. If skepticism had an odor, then that room needed a fat Glade Plug-in. I wasn’t even trying to sell them anything, other than the notion that their pulls were genuine. They sort of were genuine, I mean, I didn’t add anything – but I knew in my heart of hearts that they could smell my Foreknowledge of Success.

If a bunch of barely interested college fresh-people can sense a tremor in the hobby Force, then what makes card companies and Beckett actually think that we in the hobby can’t smell their Foreknowledge of Success, too? The difference here is that I didn’t try to lure anyone during my speech to drop half a car payment on me based on some sleight-of-hand.

30 12 2008

I have actually been fortunate to pull alot of great cards from a bunch of cases that I purchased for investment. I got over triple my money back on my entire investment, after I sold them on eBay.

I do agree that there are alot of bogus “celebrities” that the put in the cards, but I really disagree that they could possibly be fakes or not authentic autos. I am a auto collector (one of the guys that gets his autos in person) and I have been able to match up my personal autos with the 1 of 1 Masterpieces and other high end autos. They are all legit. I know W. Axl Rose personally, and I happened to be lucky enough to nab his 1 of 1 Masterpiece. It’s his auto for sure. I have enough autos that I was able to match up 32 of my Razor Cut Signature cards with my autographs. There was no major discrepency between the autos that I have obtained and the ones in the slabs. The sigs are legit.

As for the rarity of some certain autographs… I have collected these 1 of 1 Masterpieces personally: Jack Ruby, W. Axl Rose, Will Rogers, Will Smith, Les Paul, Sir George Martin, Charlton Heston (yes the 1 of 1), Dick Van Dyke, Vincent Price, Johnny Carson, Robert Goulet, Doris Day (actually I have both 1 of 1’s for Doris day. Both the Signature and the Signature Encore sets!!!), Jane Russel, Amy Grand, David Copperfield, Mel Torme, Rose McGowen, Tony Randall, etc…. Not to mention a bunch of other 1 of 1 Masterpieces that are of lesser callibur than the ones I mentioned above. Overall, I believe it was a very fine investment. Of course, I would trade all of my cards for the Elvis, M Monroe, or Abe Lincoln, which I am sure are legit autos (imagine the lawsuits)

Sorry, I just had to put my two cents in (as an investor and someone who has pulled over 100 cards from this product) I do realize that most collectors don’t have the good fortune or ability to buy as many boxes/cases as I have done, but like most people say on here, it is a minor gamble. It’s a better bet than putting your money on the blackjack table since you get an autograph in each box and you get to keep it forever if you want to. You know what you’re buying into when you go for the product. Same thing about any pack of baseball cards or anything, you get duplicates, crappy cards, crappy players, but if you’re looking for that rare diamond king you’re going to buy up alot of packs. It’s the thrill of the break guys!

Just my opinion.

Bear Productions


If you want pics or scans of any card I mentioned, I can provide those. I also have many of the cards and many many more I have not listed, if anyone is interested in a purchase or trade!

20 05 2009

i am pretty sure beckett is CLUELESS about there “perfect” boxes

28 06 2009

i hate beckett so much… you can tell these type products are crap by watching chri5784s breaks of them on youtube… so many moments of long pauses…
anyway, nothing id like more to walk into the beckett set when they “pull” a rare 1 of 1 and smash it into a thousand pieces.. because if collectors cant have it, whats the point of it existing?

i think im done with the companies these days.. its older cards for me until the bs ends.. the only exception might be this minor league set that looked great from a year or 2 ago.
thanks for being real mario, and leading the cause 🙂

22 12 2009

Anyone have a Razor Cut Signature Sarah Michelle Gellar Card?

Let me know…


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