You Be the Judge! – Black Diamond

One of the perks of being a card blogger is that occasionally I receive free products to review and showcase. While baseball rules my collecting life, more and more I am being tempted into collecting hockey cards. While I absolutely loved the “hits” from this box of 2008-’09 Black Diamond, overall it brought back some rough memories for me.

For starters, the base cards have way too much going on. I can honestly say these are the worst-designed base cards I have seen in sometime. They remind me of something Pacific Trading Cards would have released in the late-90’s. The only element that saved this box was the “hits” and inserts, which featured cut-out and even a card with a see-through window similar to this Pacific “classic” (link).

What was great about the game-used relics is that between three cards that could have been duds, there was seven different color patches with one being serial numbered to 100. The autograph as expected was a sticker but it barely sticks out and the inserts truly made me feel I was busting a product from the late-90’s, just not the great ones.

For the hits alone I’d bust another box but only if I could find one for about $60 dollars.

Thumbnails lead to full-size scans.

You be the judge! How did I do?

8 thoughts on “You Be the Judge! – Black Diamond

  1. Wow, they did a really nice job with the relic cards. The base set really doesn’t seem to have that much collectibility to it, like you said though.

    On the hockey topic, have you ever asked your Upper Deck contact why Gordie Howe’s current cards name him as “Mr Hockey” instead of by his name?

  2. Wow, those base cards and die cut inserts are STRAIGHT out of the late ’90s!!! I’m not sure you did too great on the hits, but it looks like it would be fun to rip a pack or two of that stuff.

  3. The relics cards are real nice. 3 very consistent players in Jovo, Thornton, and Gionta. The auto of J.S. Giguere is really nice, too. It seems that UD actually put some effort into this set.

    If you’re looking to send the Giguere auto anywhere, contact me, Mario. 🙂

  4. What do the things in the “diamond” on the base cards mean, sorry but i don’t know crap about hockey?

  5. Consistent players is right…other than Thornton, i wouldn’t call any of the others “great” players.

    Mario, i have to agree with you about the base cards…kinda lame. What no Penguins?

  6. I’ve never busted a box of this stuff, but it appears better players have more diamonds and a shorter print run. Which is always a good idea, if anything you want your box to contain cards of as few star players as possible.

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