Is this who Beckett caters to?

You know, not everyone is into the computers Internet.”

As of June 2008, 73.6 % of North America was on the Internet or roughly close to 250,000,000 million people. Beckett Media’s Eric Janhke wants you to believe the reason their price guides don’t use eBay’s recent sale prices is because there are just so many collectors who do not use the Internet (link). How do you like the watermark?

Seriously Eric, I know this was your personal opinion and you weren’t speaking for the company but if THIS GUY can film his videos and upload them to YouTube then it pretty much speaks volumes of those who refuse to use the Internet. One thing is to refrain from buying anything on-line but to flat out ignore it is crazy. Obviously, those who do have bigger issues on their hands than to find out how much their 1985 Topps Mark McGwire is worth these days.

To be honest, I am no longer buying wax because I just cannot afford it any longer. I don’t care what loaded boxes is being hand delivered to you by companies and what sick pulls you find. The reason your magazine once meant the world to me was because I could find out what any of my cards were worth. You guys have lost a lot of credibility for standing your ground and for what?

I have seen your Alexa rankings and they are rough. If you don’t shape up a company will rise from nothing and do what you should have been doing for years now. I already know of one website building their own price guide using eBay and truly all it takes is word of mouth. Just look at Wax Heaven for further proof.

Do you really want to continue catering to the last brick and mortar baseball card shop in the nation? Or do you want to finally accept that the Hobby now lives on the Internet in message boards, YouTube, and Blogs? Hear that ticking? It’s not Chris Olds firing up a frozen burrito in the office kitchen, it’s a clock counting down to the final days of Beckett Media meaning a damn thing to a collector like myself and thousands of others.

Hey, at least you will always have this lady buying your magazine.

Thanks to Sports Cards Info for the video.


20 thoughts on “Is this who Beckett caters to?

  1. I agree with you Mario, I used to be so in love with Beckett. I would put thier prices in my little database next to the card and add it all of it up to see my collections worth. But it is useless now. Now about internet and all that. Message boards are okay but you never really know if someone is ever going to respond in a timely LIVE manner. Thats why somebody should create a chatroom for traders. On the spot deals being done with many people. Think of all the trades that could go on and sales if you are in to that. Sounds like a good project for Mario.

  2. Beckett Magazine is mainly an advertisement for their services. In some manner, they always tie things back to their internet pricing or grading services. If you read the readers write section and someone ask about a crad, they mention their internet service taht you can look it up in. They have the “Graded” question section where each question leads into a new service that could be provide.
    I only like it for the Preview and Reviews of product, but even now with the new format of the magazine, they are not as informative as they use to be. With 1 year of pricing, what good is it?

  3. bv = bs!
    Beckett is crooked as hell and should be investigated by the Better Business Bureau for false advertising with their loaded box breaks and bullshit card values.

  4. Thanks for the plug Mario. The funny thing is that video was uploaded recently. When I first saw it I thought it might be old, but its not. The sports card hobby is changing and I believe blogs like ours are the wave of the future.

  5. “I only like it for the Preview and Reviews of product”

    Thats like saying that you like reading Ford’s truck handbook for reviews of the F150.

    Beckett hasnt given a bad review in the history of the magazine because the manufacturers are so vested in what happens. In all truthfulness, the magazine has no reason to provide a realistic expectation to the collector. Their responsibility is to the ad buys, not to you the buyer. Normally, ethics would play into things, but we know where their ethics are.

  6. One other grip is how they think they can define “Rookie” Crads. In one of the readers write, they mention that they have a Albert Pujols rookie card numbered to 100. They go on to correct the reader and say that they do not have a “True” rookie card. If the card is the same as the “True” rookie card but is number to 100, and that is the only difference, they to me that is a rookie card. I am old school in this. To me any base cards and # cards that are the same are all rookies cards.

  7. The only purposes Beckett seves me:

    1. A checklist for Pettitte cards; seeing what I still need
    2. A good laugh when looking at the morons on the message boards. I am provided with hours upon hours of douche chills, yet I still can’t stop reading it.

    The magazine itself: trash.

  8. Beckett has become a repository for people’s letters asking if thier stupid error or varitation card is worth more than a wooden nickel, guess what it’s not. I guess that makes me as smart as the writers at beckett. Now stop printing those stupid readers write questions about them.

  9. I’m in the minority. I still enjoy Beckett, albeit for somewhat different purposes that I used to. It’s not the Holy Bible of baseball cards anymore, but it’s still necessary.

  10. “I’m in the minority. I still enjoy Beckett, albeit for somewhat different purposes that I used to. It’s not the Holy Bible of baseball cards anymore, but it’s still necessary.”

    I gotta hear the explanation on this. If your reason is anymore than “I need a checklist” than I may get a pretty good laugh.

  11. Mario- In all seriousness…

    This is something I’ve always wondered: How does Beckett determine the price of a card? What factors determine whether a card is hot one month and not the next? Is it totally arbitrary or is it based off of stats, play over the current season, etc?

  12. The only determining factor should be an average of what cards are selling consistently for on eBay, sports buy, etc. Cards shows and other non-online sales cannot be updated in a timely enough manner to provide realistic pricing. In the case of Beckett, I’m inclined to believe Gellman’s Pricing Hat theory.

  13. You guys are making me feel as though I should be making my own baseball card magazine, not price guide.

    As a writer for living, I constantly look at new ideas that I want to indulge myself in. This might go on the list.

  14. I buy the magazines, I enjoy reading most things about the hobby. The price guide is completely worthless though. I quit using their website since it sucks now. I don’t rely on blogs for my info, way too many just aren’t any good. I love the card shop I go to now and they give me cool advanced info, show me the cards before I buy so on and so forth. It’s the first good one I’ve been to since I was 10. (16 years) With that said, who doesn’t use the internet for information and buying? I only buy singles on ebay over the last year, it’s a huge buyers market lately. With everything available to me, Wax Heaven, message boards, press releases, then finally a cool hobby shop, I have everything I could ask for. Beckett takes a back seat to all of it, but buying a hobby magazine is always fun for me.

  15. I don’t understand why they don’t factor online buys. The closest example I can think of is Kelly Blue Book.

    Most cars are bought sold in person, stores, etc… but a percentage is bought is on eBay and other sites. I talked to KBB today and they confirmed that online auction pricing is factored into how they value used cars. Why can’t Beckett do the same?

  16. Here is the best pricing guide ever, as quoted from my local card shop owner “take what you think the card is worth (or beckett high book), divide it by 2, and then subtract $19.00” so far its been pretty acurate.

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