2009 A Piece of History preview!

I have to admit that last year’s A Piece of History did absolutely nothing for me. I even pulled a Jackie Kennedy “Hair Cut” and it still was the least memorable product I opened. Maybe it’s because I am dying for some 2009 product to bust but to me this release looks promising. If the Franchise History auto/relic is on-card we could be looking at one of the nicer inserts of 2009, all depending on the checklist of course.

Thanks to Chris Olds for the images!

19 thoughts on “2009 A Piece of History preview!

  1. I’m not impressed with this or the SPX. The designs look boring and the game used look the same as this year with a small one color patch. Start putting in fewer jerseys with nicer patches.

  2. A jacket from “A Few Good Men”… interesting. From an actor? A producer? A kid who grabbed coffee once for Tom Cruise? The card is the ultimate in vague!

  3. I like these, especially the Franchise history, but the jacket card is a joke! Put a picture from the movie . Why just the words a “A Piece of Hollywood”? In my best Nicholson impersonation: I can’t handle looking at that boring waste of Cardboard!

  4. Well, the base cards look a little better than the 2008 set, but I still don’t like it much. I’ll probably stay away except for trying to acquire the Rays cards. I love that David Price auto – I have a feeling he’s going to be the 2009 Hobby Rookie of the Year, like Longoria was in 2008. That Rays team card looks nice, but why is Scott Kazmir still pictured in the Devil Rays green? That’s horrible. The Utley card does look very, very good.

  5. The more ugly sets there are the happier i am because that is one last set I will waste my money on – you know there will always be at least a few nice ones – so these dont depress me – just make me happy

  6. I like the Hollywood stuff but c’mon, spend some money to put someone’s name and face on that card!

  7. I kind of like the design of the base cards, but with the economy the way it is I will be building fewer sets in 2009.
    This will definitely be a product I won’t purchase.
    I don’t like the random “Hollywood Hits” either.

  8. They’re not bad, but they’re not really needed, either. I’ll get the Mets cards and stick with base Upper Deck.

  9. I like this, but wont spend money on it. It’s light years ahead of of that SPx. I can’t even comment on that thread.

  10. I collected the 2008 base set. And honestly, I think 2008 base looks way better. The 2009 base frames idea is cool but the borders are way too thick and the colors are like….come on purple? The Utley card is the only improvement and don’t get me started on the Hollywood cards. I beat the odds, pulled 2 out of a box and I wasnt even excited bout it…heck couldn’t even sell them for half the BV on ebay. Lol.

  11. At the risk of going against the grain…I’m kind of into this set. Something about the design reminds me of ‘America.’ I’m excited for it to come out!

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