Should Upper Deck bring Fleer back?

In less than a month it will be a full year of without an official Fleer Trading Cards release. When I entered the hobby of collecting in 1990, Fleer was one of the brands to purchase. By the late-90’s, it had so many different products that surely they could do no wrong. Unfortunately, two years before my return to the Hobby they were history (link).

While they were rescued by Upper Deck, it just was not the same and 2007 was officially Fleer’s last hurrah. It’s just too bad that their last two products were ’07 Fleer and ’07 Fleer Ultra, two of the bigger bombs of the 2007 season. Upper Deck has continued to use the brand, including a very successful run in Hockey products but let’s face it: Fleer belongs to baseball card collectors.

So here is the question I pose to the readers of Wax Heaven: Does Fleer deserve a Donruss-like comeback or should we let sleeping dogs lie? Personally, I believe Upper Deck should release an updated version of 1995’s Emotion. Back then there was no game-used relics or chance of pulling an autograph. It featured nothing more than beautiful photography, thick card stock and a perfect design.

For true collectors, there is one box of Emotion on eBay right now with a Buy It Now of $49.99 or Best Offer (link). I suggest to give this release a shot to bring you back, if only temporary, to a Hobby that once thrived on design & photography and not “gimmicks” and ultra high-end products.

17 thoughts on “Should Upper Deck bring Fleer back?

  1. I can see you were as inspired by that Emotion Jordan card as I was, I immediately checked out Emotion boxes on Ebay. I remember the Basketball version being about 7-8$ a pack, along with the SP line. They were so goddamn expensive at the time!

  2. For whatever reason I always loved ’94 Fleer Ultra. But now that Fleer is just an Upper Deck brand, I’m not really interested in seeing any more. What’s the point?

    What I’d like to see is a few more companies licensed to make cards so we can get some different stuff. I’m an old school set builder, so all these four thousand different releases a year with their parallels and game used and autographs and short prints don’t interest me at all.

    But that’s just me. Now if UD made a Fleer set that wasn’t some high end, short printed, with crap insert set, then I’d go for it. But that’s not likely to happen.

  3. Upper Deck should put out a Fleer base and a Fleer Ultra product closer to the spirit of the original Fleer. Heck, while they’ll at it they could put out a Herritage-like product and feauture one of their classic designs with new players. I’d even settle for a lousy Upper Deck Fleer knockoff like ’07 was. Anything beats Upper Deck X and all the other useless sets they put out this year.

  4. If Upper Deck brings Fleer back the right way (as jeffwolfe2001 said “closer to the spirit of the original Fleer), then I am all for it! I think the best place for it would be as a retro set using Fleer card designs from the 80s and 90s. They really can’t do anything more with Goudey, so 2009 would be a great year to bring Fleer back to fill that role.

  5. If I ran Upper Deck, I’d bring Fleer back to replace Upper Deck First Edition. Give me a nice, cheap set with good player variety and I’ll try to collect it. You could even recycle the old designs to try to give it some “vintage” appeal.

    If the head honchos can’t figure out a specific niche for a Fleer product to fill, they shouldn’t bother to bring it back just for the sake of keeping a brand name alive.

  6. Step 1: Murder First Edition. Painfully.
    Step 2: Bring back Fleer as a no frills low end dollar pack, 10 cards per pack, 660 cards per set.
    Step 3: Profit.

  7. I like the idea of using past Fleer designs for a one time product, but other than that, Nope. There is something odd to me about Upper Deck putting out a Fleer product. It’s still Upper Deck. I just can’t get past that and act like I’m enthused for a supposed “Fleer” product.

  8. Bring it back! I too loved the years around and including 94 ultra. 89 Upper Deck and 94 Ultra are some of the best modern era sets.

  9. Gotta disagree with you on Emotion, I can’t STAND that design, it’s too busy, there’s too many extraneous graphics, and damn I can’t stand the foil. The card stock IS nice, and the photos are top notch, but the front design and graphics are hideous.

    IMHO only.

  10. I was always a fan and will always be a fan of Ultra, from the begining i was impressed. I did stop collecting in 96-97 until this year but I love playing catch up. I would love to see Grats of the Game again also.

  11. Even if upper deck brings back fleer, it’s not original fleer. Fleer of old was great insert products, and a simple card. Upper Deck is all Flash and gimick. Fleer is dead, let it RIP.

  12. hi im from germany and was a small collector in the mid 90’s and just recently came back with interest in the hobby (<3 your blog mario)
    damn…at that time i was all out buying fleer ultra packs because i freaking loved the photography of base (yes, stadium club was better) and the design/photo of the inserts. id like to see a comeback with full focus on design and rarity. they should try that with not including ANY jersey/bat/helm/diaper cards (dont mind a auto though but please not on a sticker:)) go fleer!


  13. As has been mentioned, Fleer as a cheap base brand would be OK (it would be an improvement over Opening day or whatever brand they have now). Sort of like what UD is doing with O-Pee-Chee in hockey, which I think is a great set.

    I don’t see the point of Fleer Ultra. It’s always a nice looking set, but essentially the same thing as base Upper Deck with less rookies, so what’s the point?

  14. I picked up a box of 1995 Emotion not too long ago of eBay for $20 shipped! It was the best $20 I’ve ever spent. I’m a few cards short of the set. If anyone can help me complete it let me know.

    Check my site for my needs and haves.

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