Topps, Donruss join the blog revolution!

10 12 2008

Last month, after discovering that Beckett Media received exclusive information regarding a new baseball release I wrote a pretty angry rant (link). While I may lack the college education or media credentials someone like Chris Olds brags about, I believe the Wax Heaven readership deserves a cut of the information pie that has long been handed out to a select few.

Today, I am happy to announce that both Topps Company and Donruss Trading Cards have agreed to work with Wax Heaven in supplying card images and information. Along with Upper Deck and Razor Collectibles, this now means you the reader will receive 100% equal reporting on all the major brands.

On an unrelated note, did you guys check out my interview with ‘The Hobby’ radio show? It’s hands down the best card related show around. Unlike Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collecting Radio, Mike Schopp made me feel like a Blog Celebrity which as you can imagine is a bad thing for my already bloated ego.

You can expect a special Donruss/Topps assignment late tonight!




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10 12 2008

Congrats. Gives me something to give input on for my blog now. 😉

10 12 2008

I guess that cuts Beckett’s Blog down another peg.

10 12 2008

Mario, as a member of the working media (totally unrelated to my blog) I shall let you know that information released from these companies likely was given in press release format. And as a standard practice for businesses, those press releases go to credentialed media (newspapers, news services, television stations, etc.) or widely recognized trade magazines, which Beckett is. And to my understsanding, Chris Olds was a part of the working media when he was with the Orlando Sentinal.

That being said, these companies are doing a fantastic service by releasing these releases to you at the same time because you have the most-read card blog on the Internet. The Blog-o-sphere is a relatively new (and some what unproven) way to distribute news, so this is a big step for them. Also, it’s big for you because it supplies you with newsy information to release to your readers.

As for other bloggers, make sure you cite where you’re getting your information from (i.e. credit Wax Heaven, Beckett, etc.) when you go distribute your news. Mario has done a fantastic job in pushing for recognition from the industry (card companies) and his work should not go un recognized. Mario may be “sponsored” by upper deck, but I’m sure the guy still is not being compensated (i.e. earning a living) with his blog. Give him credit for all he has done basically for free.

10 12 2008

Congrats on getting Topps and Donrus to share the card love. Different perspectives is great for the hobby and its great to see the card companies sharing some exclusives.

10 12 2008

I have no Idea what this means for you, but i’m happy for you anyway.

10 12 2008
Cardboard Addiction

Mario you’re taking over the world of Card Collecting. What’s next 2009, Wax Heaven series 1 cards.

10 12 2008

Sweet, I’d rather check your site for new info instead of scrounging through forums and sell sheets!

10 12 2008

I Agree with you dayf

10 12 2008

I just listened to your interview – great job! You really represent the blog community well. It’s interesting that it was on WGR in Buffalo. I used to listen to their sports talk shows all the time when I was a kid.

10 12 2008
Jeff W

Good for you! Tell them any inside info on Topps Mayo, give it to you!

10 12 2008
Mario A.

Thanks for all the kind words, guys.
Dave, thanks for listening. I get a little nervous plus English is my second language so it’s always a little trouble. 🙂

10 12 2008

To Newspaperman: I agree with you on citing sources. I am media, but not ‘real media’. I have a second (non-paying job) working for a video game website, which gets a fair amount of traffic, and I know all about citing sources and the like.

I may not have taken journalism courses, but it’s common sense to give people credit for what they’ve done / written.

10 12 2008

Since I check in here all the time, and don’t check Beckett or a lot of big media outlets. I say it’s good for Topps, Upper Deck, ect… because they’re speading the word and Wax Heaven is getting it to people who wouldn’t find out otherwise. Go Mario! Go!

10 12 2008

Mario, I finally had a chance to listen to your radio spot. Great job, man.

10 12 2008
Eric Slette

Nice. Chris Olds can go screw.

10 12 2008
Jeremy P

Great job on the radio spot Mario!

I would urge all of you readers to check out “The Hobby”. It is a nice listen and its host, Mike Schopp, is working dilligently to try and bring new collectors into our great hobby.

That could only mean positive things for all of us in the future.

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