Stupid is as stupid does

How much would you pay for a 2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers Jerry Hairston chrome? A buck? Maybe two if you are Jerry Hairston Sr.? Well, this crazy eBay auction is asking for $10,000 dollars (link) all because of a myth that the card does not exist or possibly due to it being a super short print version.

Now, I know old school Topps set builders walk over the thin line between obsession and madness on a daily basis but there is no one on this planet (or beyond) who will pay that much money for a Jerry Hairston baseball card even with a $9,998 dollar winning lottery ticket attached to it.

Furthermore, the card in question is selling for .99 cents in another auction so obviously the does card exists and the seller asking for ten grand is out of his mind or needed an excuse to give eBay $5 dollars for posting the auction. Either way, for that kind of money I am almost positive I could hire Jerry to work at Wax Heaven for a week. Sure, the posts might be a little Hairston-biased but that’s another story.



  1. There actually are 2 sets for sale that say card # 285 does not exist in chrome. I don’t know if this guy is legit or not, but the other 2 for sale are a refractor and a black ref. Topps did cut production on BCDP&P which resulted in all kinds of box and case ratio issues, so who knows?

  2. Yes, but this is the special error where “d**chebag” is scrawled on the under side of Jerry’s cap–hence the price.

  3. Dear Topps,

    Stop f’ing with the Mighty Reds. There are other teams out there that deserve ridicule and anger from collectors about “short prints” and “production errors”. Cubs, Mets, Mariners, etc. Spread the hate and let me afford Reds cards. All Reds cards.

    Yours in collecting,
    Reds collector

  4. Again, thanks for keeping an eye on eBay. I browse eBay often, but lack the eye for such idiocy. Peace.

  5. Come on you can’t blame me for trying. I was putting together the chrome set and I discovered that I had the card everyone claimed didn’t exist – I didn’t really think the card was worth $10,000 I put the auction out there to stir the pot and see what bubbled up. I pulled the auction down as it appears that the card is truly priceless. πŸ™‚

  6. also the card was up for 7 days before the second one was posted. I’ve looked through every auction for the past 3 weeks to find another one with no luck. It appears that my post did exactly what I wanted it to do – draw some attention. I’ve never had a big card hit before and I’m already so deep on this years Heritage that I needed to pull a little money back off the table. I got tons of emails by different collectors that really want the card too – but you’re right – who the heck is Jerry Hairston. Strange thing is if the other Jerry Hairston from the 80’s was also on card 285 in two different Donruss sets. I called Topps today and spoke with their director of marketing and the production supervisor and they claimed that I was the first one to contact them about 285 not being in the chrome set – they basically said they didn’t know what I was talking about. I spoke with various guys that ripped a total of about 100 cases and they said they didn’t get a single one of these cards. There is various speculation that maybe the card is in the Walmart retail boxes but once again Topps said that this was not true today on the phone. Either way – I really do love Jerry Hairston now.

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