“Show Your Hits”, Contest, more…

The contest ‘Halfway to A Million’ is officially closed. There was over 100 comments left and over 150 entries to win the lot of cards. I will either be writing down each contestant’s name in a paper and drawing from a hat or trying the randomize website which is heavenly used in group breaks. I haven’t decided yet so let me know what you guys would prefer. I will be shooting the video either late tonight or late Saturday night. You can view the post HERE.

I am going to be starting a new feature at Wax Heaven called ‘Show Your Hits’ where the reader can leave a comment with a scan of a card they pulled. There is no reward for the best hit, it’s just for fun and because people love seeing what is being pulled from boxes. Also, if you pull something truly special that you plan on throwing up on eBay let me know and maybe I could write something up for it, depending on what comes to my head. Again, this is just for fun so don’t e-mail me asking to write about your Paul LoDuca certified autograph #’d to 599, it’s not happening.

Finally, I am considering adding someone new to the Heavenly Seven and would like some feedback on who your candidate would be. Right now I am looking at Night Owl Cards and Dinged Corners but would love some recommendations. The only real requirements for being on the “Seven” is that your content be 90% or more about trading cards and that you update a couple of times per week.

You can find all the different card blogs in the Sports Card Blog Directory.

38 thoughts on ““Show Your Hits”, Contest, more…

  1. I have over 10,000 cards, my best “hit” is a Scott Elarton autograph. Needless to say i really need to win that contest! with a 1/150 chance…i like my odds.

  2. I enjoy A Pack A Day, and another one of my favorites is “Things Done to Cards.” That’s just in case you cared about my two cents.

  3. They both have great blogs and I read them whenever they’re updated. There’s no wrong choice.

  4. Use the randomizer for the contest. That should be a lot easier, plus it will save paper. Since we collect cardboard that comes in packages inside boxes don’t waste the paper to cut up the names and draw from the hat. That didn’t exactly sound right but basically anytime you can keep from throwing something away it is better for the environment.

  5. Both Night Owl and Dinged Corners are great! Dinged would edge the Owl due to my bias against the Dodgers.

  6. I like them both and “a pack a day” as well. Of the 2, I prefer Night Owl, but just barely. Of the 3, I prefer a pack a day.

  7. Wow, I’m truly humbled about being considered. But you’ve got to go with Dinged. That is one fantastic blog. It should be in the Heavenly 7 right now.

  8. I read both regularly. Feet to the fire though I’d probably vote for Dinged Corners, which by the way is one of the best blog names out there.

  9. Ok guys just shot the video. The winner was someone who only entered their name one time!

    Due to some work around the house and the PPV fight later tonight….the video will be uploaded late Saturday night like I mentioned in the post.

  10. Yeah I was going to order it, but I don’t want to see de la hoya get knocked out in the 5th.

  11. Yeah, I’m predicting a Manny win but I don’t think anyone has ever knocked out Oscar besides Hopkins.

    Manny is so much smaller, too.

  12. de la hoya just doesn’t seem the same anymore, like being the celebrity is more important, Manny looks like a throwdown fighter.

  13. It’s too damn bad neither one of them have a certified autograph in any products otherwise I’d have a blog to write.

    There might be a live feed of the fight on Justin.tv. That’s how I saw the Jones Jr. fight from two weeks ago.

  14. De la hoya has to have something produced, manny is a definate no but Del la hoya I’m going to have to check that one.

  15. is the “show your hits” feature going to be open to all sports? as long as their badass card of course.

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