‘Halfway to A Million’ contest!

With 499,000+ unique hits since Wax Heaven’s creation I figured it was time for another contest. This time around, I am going to make it easier for the faithful readers to win and a little more difficult for the lurkers and those contest-happy anonymous folks who only show up when there are free cards at hand. Still, anyone can participate.

To throw your name into the drawing for the ‘Halfway to A Million’ contest just leave a comment. If you can dig through the Wax Heaven archives and find three comments of yours left behind before December 1st, 2008, I will include your name into the drawing three times which will give you a much better chance at winning.

The drawing for the contest will take place this Saturday, December 7th on video. Please contact me A.S.A.P if you win so I can send out your cards by the following Monday morning. This is simply a way to thank the readers (and lurkers) of Wax Heaven who have helped make this site one of the best in the Blogosphere.

Without further ado, here is what you can win: SCAN

Baseball – C.C Sabathia G/U, Jim Thome G/U, Alfonso Soriano G/U, Felix Hernandez G/U

Hockey – Mike Ribeiro, Brendan Morrow dual patch #’d to 10, Phil Kessell G/U, David Setoguchi AU, Mark Parrish, Miroslav Satan G/U #’d to 350

Football -Lavelle Hawkins AU #’d to 36, Keith Rivers AU #’d to 2, Phillip Wheeler AU #’d to 4, Jamal Charles G/U Patch & AU #’d to 25

Bonus – 1965 Topps All-Star featuring Roberto Clemente, Hank Aaron & Rico Carty + a hand-written letter with signature from Mario Alejandro of Wax Heaven

Double Bonus – If you are the 500,000th visitor and can prove it with a screen capture than you will win 5 autographs and 5 game-used cards, even if you don’t win the contest!

Contestants will be named in the comments section. You must leave a comment here to be entered for the drawing. Please, no e-mail entrees for they will not be accepted and you will lose out on your chance to win the greatest card blogosphere contest of all-time!

That is, until the next one…

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  2. Mario,

    Please include me. I know I left a few comments before, the last about the ETopps, but I just don’t know how to find them.


  3. Sorry Zack and Chemgod, I have to be official and stuff.

    Zack, this comment here doesn’t count as three but you have still been entered for one slot.

    Chemgod, I think you have left like 1,000 comments but you have to find them. You still have seven days but I entered you for one slot as well.

  4. Congrats Mario! The best of the blogs. In fact, I think you hit a half mil sometime while I was looking for my comments!

    Here are 3 I found. Let me know if I need to find more due to the poor quality and stupidity of my comments.




  5. Is this still open?

    I got my three

    2008-11-26 (Skip Lockwood)
    2008-11-10 (Dick Perez)
    2008-07-21 (After Game Report 7-20 v Phils)

    congrats and here’s to you NEXT Half-Million!

  6. DANG. I slept in a little bit and ended up missing the 500,000 hit by 296.

    Oh well here are my last three comments:

    https://completist.wordpress.com/2008/11/30/cardboard-wars-razor-vs-bowman-draft/#comments (first comment in the thread, I’m about to reply to Tribecards later on down)



    (note I was FIRST on two of those posts!)

  7. damn, look how many visitors since 8:30 a.m est, Man when you say contest people come out the woodwork.

  8. Congrats Mario.

    I stop by here daily….thanks for re-kindeling my sport card obsession.

  9. Thanks Mario!!! Count me in. im going to take a chance and say you know that i left ALOT of comments on here!! LOL

  10. Im on this site multiple times a day, but rarely comment.
    ill have to start from now on.

    anyways, im in for one spot.

    thanks and congrads!

  11. count me in if there is time. I have posted comments in the past but not sure how many and i got tired of looking for them so 1 is good. 🙂

  12. Well my computers to slow to go back that many pages maybe if you werent such a hard worker on your blog and didn’t enter as many excellent posts:) but I’ll take my chances with a one spot entry

  13. Put me in for a spot. I know I ‘ve commented more but I won the last UD contest so I’ll only take one!

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