5 packs of Topps Slam Attax!

25 11 2008

Last month, A Pack A Day’s John sent me a box of goodies. Before I had a chance to find anything to send him, John sent over another package, which arrived today. In it, were 5 unopened packs of a U.K exclusive product from Topps, called Slam Attax. From the look of it, the product is similar to Magic: The Gathering and other card games. Thankfully, WWE has tons of wrestlers to use and filled this release with some pretty awesome characters from yesteryear.

Below is a video from me busting the packs. You can see the best cards from the packs scanned below the video. You can click on the small photo for a full size scan of Melina, err…I mean the six best cards and my E.C.W Championship title. It should also be noted that these are the first wrestling packs I have opened in close to twenty years.

Thanks to John in U.K and please check out his card blog (LINK).




14 responses

25 11 2008
Jeff W

More shirtless dudes. I’m not sayin’, just sayin’….. hahaha

25 11 2008

It’s okay Mario… I’m enjoying the shirtless dude theme. :oP

Anyways, Pete and I went to an ECW/Smackdown show last year and when the Miz came out, Pete started a “Real World” chant. It was priceless… The Miz can’t escape his douche-tastic roots.

“Reeeeeal World! Reeeeeal World!”


25 11 2008
John Arnold

Glad you enjoyed the cards. I was right to send them , you are a big fan! The beauty of these cards is that they cost 50pence a packet (about $1.20).

25 11 2008
DDoubleplay Sports/Paul

Mario I love your comments man you had me LMFAO!

26 11 2008
The Card Podcast @ Superfractor.com

Makes me miss Raw Deal.

1 12 2008

i want randy ortan

21 12 2008
massive connor 9

i want randy ortan and the wwe championship belt

7 03 2009

where do u get the packets in the US ????????????????????????????

22 03 2009
small 50 cent

mario i want randy orton and ecw championship belt

1 04 2009

cool cards

1 07 2009

the randy orton WIN!

2 07 2009
Alex The King of Underhand

HAha, me, I’ve Triple H Champion, but I would like to get all you’re cards =D
You’ve very chance [I’m French]

3 07 2009

i want triple h and the ecw championship

3 07 2009

i want triple h and the ecw championship please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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