Who the heck is Chris Seddon?

Has one player ever haunted your collection? In 2007, one guy did just that so much so that he single-handedly helped create Wax Heaven. You see, back then this place was called Canseco Completist and it was basically a self-indulgent look into my Jose Canseco collection. Sure, I was already collecting other baseball cards by then but I had no interest in writing about it until finally one too many pulls of a then Philadelphia Phillies player had me furious. His name is Michael Bourne and in 2007 he was haunting me (link).

This year there has been one player haunting my collection but at least he’s a Florida Marlins player (sort of). His name is Chris Seddon and little by little I have been building an army of his baseball cards, including four certified autographs. Unfortunately, despite being in tons of 2008 products, Chris did not play a single game last year. In fact, he’s only played seven games in the Big Leagues and that was in 2007.

That’s not to say I am not happy collecting him. I might even buy a few autographs of his when I have a little spare change. His stuff is not exactly firing up eBay at the moment so I could probably end up being the #1 Chris Seddon collector on the Internet! Now, in case you were wondering….Chris has played in 195 games in the Minors and has a 56-60 record in eight seasons. If he attends Spring Training in March, he is definitely one of the guys I will attempt to corner into an autograph.

In the meantime, enjoy my Chris Seddon collection.

7 thoughts on “Who the heck is Chris Seddon?

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  1. Aside from the fact that he is a Marlins player, and you know all of my Marlins go to you, I almost didn’t send you that Finest Blue Refractor because his autograph is so badass! 🙂

  2. I was frustrated all summer trying to find UNAUTOGRAPHED Seddon cards to have him sign in person. He is a GREAT signer, a very nice kid, a heck of a pitcher, etc… I really enjoyed watching him play for the Isotopes!

  3. I know that feeling, for some reason every other pack I opened this year had a Mark Grudzelanek card in it.

  4. I was just putting together a nice pile of Marlins cards the other day to send you and I thought hey Mario might like this Piece of History Gold Chris Seddon. Will be sending when my Marlins collection has pulled.

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