2009 Topps preview

One day ago I asked the readers of Wax Heaven to vote on the best design between 2009 Topps & Upper Deck. With over 160 votes, the readers picked 2009 Topps by 58% and it’s clear why. Topps has made one hell of a rebound over a 2008’s inexplicable, ugly design.

While it’s not enough to get me to buy a box, I will be on the hunt for Marlins players as soon as it hits eBay and will be first in line when the Chrome version is released. I have been back in the Hobby going on two years and have only been able to collect 2007 & 2008 Topps and as you all know, I was not pleased. This is the first Topps flagship release that has me excited since my return to the Hobby.

Product Details:

Est. release: February 4th, 2009

Each Hobby box will contain one autograph or game-used relic.

Each HTA Jumbo Box will contain one autograph and two game-used relics.

Included in packs of 2009 Topps will be Turkey Red Inserts (R.I.P) and original one of one sketches that will not look as good as Kimaloo’s sketches but that is life.

You can find all the details of 2009 Topps by clicking HERE.

19 thoughts on “2009 Topps preview

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  1. Well, I guess this set will let us know what all Topps 2009 photos will look like.

  2. Who wants to bet that Pujols card “error” will be announced as an unintentional release, resulting in the spike of buying Topps packs just to get it? Topps will either claim the photo wasn’t mean to be used, or the ‘P’ designation was a misprint they didn’t catch in time.

  3. Yeah, it’s almost a guarantee that there is no official Turkey Red in 2008 so this is the next best thing.

  4. Like I said before, it looks like Topps just mailed in the design this year. Very disappointing to look at, looks like Fleer 2007.

  5. It’s not a bad looking set. I’m interested in the inserts in a base Topps set for the first time in a long time though – they seem really nice.

  6. Meh… I don’t like it. It’s soooo plain. But the photography has come along way, hasn’t it? Those are some nice lookin’ shots.

  7. Yikes.

    The base cards look like 90 Topps–and I don’t mean that in a good way either. I know these cards are the cheapest ones that Topps makes, but does the design have to reflect the price?

  8. The design, especially the uneven border, reminds me of mid ’90s Collector’s Choice. And I really like Collector’s Choice, but I don’t know how it’ll work overall with the ’09 Topps set. The gold parallel looks very nice though. And those Legendary Lineage is absolutely beautiful.

  9. Legendary Lineage looks good, and the base design is a relief from those little dotty square and circles of the past two years.

  10. Thought I was looking at a topps total design, I don’t see how topps went from the 08 version to 09. Although it goes back to a basic design, for the subsets still using stickers for autographs, and are the lettermans manufactured, if so could have done with out.

  11. As PTBNL said…it does have a Collector’s Choice feel to it IMO. And I do/did like Collector’s Choice…but I’m not sure if I like this set. I really did like the 2008 design but the 2009 design looks like some SI for Kids issue or maybe Topps Total (with the uneven border and the dots around the corners). For the first time since 2006, I like the UD base design better. The only thing that Topps has going for them in this design is the border. I have always liked borders on cards. Also, the inserts look nice too. I’ll have to wait and see though, because these cards always seem to look better in person.

  12. haha… thanks Mario!

    I’m not really feeling these cards. They just don’t appeal to me aesthetically. It seems like there is no sense of continuity between the base and the inserts. They look like completely different products to me.

    And I just have to point out that I think the Career Best cards look alright from the midsection up but from the auto down, they just look like the covers to really cheesy romance novels. Maybe that’s just the girl in me talking but what the heck?

  13. Is Topps reading this Blog because they finally figured out how to make a Babe Ruth Auto without Fing it up.

  14. I’m having a late 80’s, early 90’s deja vu moment here. This is not good!!! And what’s the deal with the extra thick borders?? They are so unattractive. Why can’t Topps take a page out of their historical playbook (hint…look at many of the ever popular sets from the 60’s era) and design a set with a few basic principles:

    o Thin Borders
    o Team based colors in the player name (ditch the foil…please!!!)
    o Ensure that player’s picture dominates the card

    The last fairly decent design was back in 2003. On a positive note, at least 2009 design looks like a baseball card (albeit in a large picture frame because of the thick border size) and not a bazooka like set that the 2008 design resembled.

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