Nothing but love for ’97 Bowman Chrome

If you go to the ‘Best of Wax Heaven’ you will find a post written many months ago about my love/hate relationship with 1997 Bowman Chrome (LINK). Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved B.C (and every ’97 release) but because it got incredibly hot so quickly, I just could not afford it and ultimately decided to walk away from the Hobby rather than continue suffering from it.

Fast forward more than a decade to my return to the Hobby. Just recently I did the unthinkable and busted ’97 Pinnacle Certified and today thanks to Joe Cuevas of Cincy Reds Cards, I busted a beautiful, “MOJO”-filled box of 1997 Bowman Chrome.

Not only did I pull the Jose Cruz Jr. I always wanted (I have it by now), I also got a current Marlins player, Wes Helms and six Refractors. It may have taken eleven years to come to fruition but ’97 Bowman Chrome was definitely worth the wait! A HUGE thanks goes out to Joe and although it wasn’t official before, consider every single Reds player I ever pull yours. As a bonus, Eric Slette, a blog reader who has made a name for himself due to his generosity is also pulling aside some Reds cards for you.

Finally, here is the 18-minute video box break of Bowman Chrome. It’s definitely a must-watch for any true baseball card collector who’s been at it for more than a few years. After the video, make sure to drop by Joe’s BLOG for some unique Reds posts.

As always, click the image for the full-size scan.

9 thoughts on “Nothing but love for ’97 Bowman Chrome

  1. Very nice, and it’s too bad you didn’t get the Berkman. I’d have been all over you for that.

    Out of curiousity, what kind of camera are you filming with ? Webcam or regular video camera?

  2. Awesome break. I love older products. My favorite year is 2005 (not so long ago). I’ll be busting a couple boxes of 2005 Topps Chrome soon! Keep up the great breaks!

  3. I started with Vimeo a year ago and love the high quality and no time limit.

    Unfortunately, if you want anyone to watch your video you have to go to YouTube.

  4. Sweet cards. Did you pull any Travis Lees? Those are gonna be worth some CASH some day!

    Wait, he’s no longer a lock HOFer? At least the Kerry Wood should net you enough to retire on… oh, wait… hm. Gotta love mega hyped rookies that never pan out, eh?

    Still, sweet cards. This was also around the time when I determined card collecting to be too expensive.

  5. That was the groundbreaking set that set the standards for Chromies. I never liked the set when it was released, but I have respect for it. Great break!

  6. Holy crap man. I should have kept that box.
    Glad you did not get a Larkin to send me seeing as you did not use protective gloves while opening and handeling the cards.

  7. Finally got my video card working and watched the video. That was a great break and glad you enjoyed it. Sounds awespme how excited you get.
    And Calvin is Pokey.

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