I am not perfect. Actually, I am far from it. Occasionally I call one wrong and I never have a problem admitting to it. For the longest time I did everything I could to bash eTopps. I just didn’t get the concept or why I would buy a card only to have it sit in some warehouse and then pay extra to ship it to me at a later date.

I hated eTopps….that is, until I received my first one. The card you see is a 2007 eTopps Andrew Miller. It’s got everything a “Jose Collector” like me could ever ask for. It’s dark, uses Refractor technology, and it’s surprisingly thick. No, not Upper Deck Black thick but a good size. It’s also serial numbered but I could go either way on that. This is also one of Andrew’s best-looking, non-autographed rookie cards.

This card, #99 in my Andrew Miller collection came from Wax Heaven reader, Casey. Originally, he was going to send it my way as a gift but I was able to find some special cards to send his way. Along with this card, he sent over many interesting Marlins cards that should keep this ‘Card of the Day’ feature going well into next week!

Thanks Casey, for the awesome card and for changing my mind about eTopps!