First images of 2009 Upper Deck!


I am proud to be the very first website to feature images of 2009 Upper Deck baseball. Rest assured that I will do my best to bring in more as they become available.

How about that new design? No more complaints about not being able to read the player’s name. The Derek Jeter Yankee Stadium Legacy is part of the Update edition and it looks like the Stars of the Game inserts are this year’s Starquest.

Early details:

2 game-used relics and 1 autograph per box!

Approximate release date: February 3rd, 2009!

12 boxes per case. 16 packs per box, 20 cards per pack!Inserts and Parallel Cards

Product Breakdown:

Base Set Gold Parallel (# to 99)
1975 O Pee Chee Insert
1975 O Pee Chee Mini Insert
Yankee Stadium Legacy Update
UD Documentary Update

Autograph Cards (1 per box, on average)
UD Game Jersey Autographs #’ed up to 99

Memorabilia Cards (2 per box, on average)
UD Game Jersey
UD Game Jersey Double swatch #’ed up to 149
UD Game Jersey Triple swatch #’ed up to 99
UD Game Jersey Quad swatch #’ed up to 15
UD Game Jersey Autographs #’ed up to 99
Piece of History 500 Home Run Club Bat
USAB 18U National Team Jerseys
USAB 18U National Team Jersey Patch #’ed up to 25
USAB 18U National Team Jersey Autographs #’ed up to 25

32 thoughts on “First images of 2009 Upper Deck!

  1. Base UD always looks good. Im sure the photos will make the set, again, so thats good. Its always interesting to see what they are trying to do with the inserts in this stuff, I hated the starquest, and I dont think this year will be much better.

    Nice EXCLUSIVE/Middle Finger.

  2. Wow- looks like a strong follow up to this years set – which I feel easily out performed topps – looks I have to put aside a few bucks for a couple boxes of this come February!

  3. I don’t know the Ichrio kinda looks like a 1976 topps card. I also heard that they are inserting O-Pee-Chee vintage cards in boxes. I just hope that 2009 will be more attractive that 08, Topps better look good.

  4. Thanks for the images. Looks pretty good! If that Ichiro is an OPC insert, it’s OK, I guess. Not exactly what I’m looking for when I hear about replicas of ’75 OPC.

  5. Since when is OPC considered a set worth resurrecting? I dont need cards from Canadia in my UD. I remember back when OPC was just a company that reprinted Donruss cards for the canucks up north.

  6. nice. i consistently like upper deck base, but build the topps base sets. maybe 09 will be the year i change my ways.

  7. Nice, I can read the names next year without squinting. The cards are all pretty nice looking; I can’t wait.

    The Rivals cards look a whole lot like the Marquee Matchups from SP Authentic. But, there’s apparently a Jeter, so I’ll shut my mouth and buy it.

  8. I really like the base cards for this year’s stuff. Simple yet classy. I like the retro OPC card as well… I’m a sucker for vintage-looking stuff. Also, I REALLY hope that the stars of the game insert doesn’t have much of a place in Hobby, just like Starquest was mostly a retail thing. Although I’m not a big baseball collector, I’ll most likely buy a box of this stuff somewhere down the road.

  9. Gellman: ‘Since when is OPC considered a set worth resurrecting?”

    Since Upper Deck bought the brand and decided to milk it for all it’s worth. Also, this is a way to steal Topps designs and act like they are their own. To be fair, their new O-Pee-Chee Hockey set is nice, but I’d prefer more than 6 cards per pack with a 500 card set.

  10. Yeah, I was gonna say the OPC stuff is just Topps stuff, so really, UD gets to steal old Topps stuff and pass it off as “vintage/retro” OPC… Nice little coup there… Why do I have that “been there-done that” feeling with the base set?

  11. Very nice! I like the base design and the “1975 OPC” design. I’m looking forward to getting some ’09 UD!

  12. I like the base set. I might consider putting that together based on the photography alone.

    I do agree though, base UD needs a revamp. 1989 was the historic set and it seems they aren’t trying to innovate anymore.

  13. The base design is nice. I’ll be happy to have easy-to-read player names.

    I’m a little disappointed with the OPC insert set, though. Maybe it’s just my eyes (or my monitor set up), but the colors seem a little bit too drab for something that’s supposed to evoke memories of the 1975 Topps design.

    I hate the “Rivals” cards, much like I hate the Marquee Matchups in SP Authentic. I do not want Derek Jeter on my David Wright card.

    The patch cards are kind of boring, but the Stars of the Game aren’t bad.

  14. I really like the Chipper Jones but I can live with out the “Stars of the Game”. What’s up with the cheezy lightening bolt background. Not a fan.

  15. Ugh! If they are gonna steal Topps designs (via OPC,) they should AT LEAST nail the font. The MARINERS looks just like other cheesy 70s “retro” cards UD has done. They could have gone the extra mile to get pics in 70s throwbacks…

    I like the base set. It is really clean.

    As for the YSL cards… I wish they woulda closed that stadium down a few thousand cards ago.

  16. My question is whether the name will be readable on the actual card. Is it going to be white (or off-white) text, or are they going to make it silver foil? If it’s foil, forget it. I won’t be buying many.

  17. I like the base cards. I don’t like the 1975 Topps Ichiro, not because it is ugly but because it screams Topps so it shouldn’t be in a UD product. I like the STars of the Game better than the Star Quest.

    Get rid of the map on the Rivals cards.

  18. Nice clean design again by Upper Deck and kicking the foil to the curb is a great move. The OPC does look more like UD Decade 70’s than ’75 Topps. StarsOTG looks like “If you like these inserts, you’ll love UD X!” The Rivals cards are nice and balanced design, though I could lose the map too, or put something else in it, like NYC or some tag for each pair…
    This puts the pressure on Topps to really come up with something special. I won’t buy both, and I usually go for UD designs lately…

  19. Wow. I didn’t realize these sets were designed so far in advance. Much more pleasing to the eye than 2008.

  20. 1975 OPC looks like Topps because they were exactly the same design. Topps was the poor man’s version sold to ignorant americans.

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