Madison Bumgarner hates the world

I mean, really…this is getting ridiculous now. Listen, this kid is not another Tom Gorzelanny, that you have to photograph at a certain angle or else he looks hideous. In fact, without any fear of sounding gay (in case Jeff Kent is reading), Madison’s not a bad looking kid (LINK).

It seems that no matter what Madison does, he just cannot catch a break. I guess card companies have a running gag to see how many photographs of the “beast face” they can capture and place on trading cards. So far, it has worked as there are many, many cards like this ’08 Donruss Threads out there.

What’s crazy is just how good a prospect Madison is. In fact, he’s expected to be as good or maybe even better than Tim Lincecum in a couple of years. You might even see a return to dominance for the Giants when they have Lincecum and Bumgarner in their starting rotation and Dan Uggla in their line-up.

Yup, the Giants & Marlins are in talks…

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8 thoughts on “Madison Bumgarner hates the world

  1. humorously i think they use a small photo of the exact same picture on the back of that card

  2. Sucks for him. When I was 10 I used to worry about looking good on my first baseball card, and I spend hours practicing a nice, clean signature for all my fans. Not too legible, but distinct enough to know it was mine. I would hate if this card was my first high-dollar insert! I suppose its better than no insert at all…

  3. That’s the problem with “pitcher face.” The card photographers are trying to get pictures of what Bumgardner does best, which is pitch. Unfortunately, like a lot of pitchers, he looks horrible when he does it.

    (I thought I was the only person who realized that about Gorzelanny. I actually saved a picture off of Yahoo because by some miracle the photographer actually got him at an angle that made him look, not just not ugly, but attractive.)

  4. I have no problem with the photo per se. I mean I perfer an action shot over some garbage of him posing. But it does irk me that Bumgarner has three cards with eseentially theesame image, 07 BCDP, 08 BCP and now this. (*note, I was lucky enough to snag a 08 BCP Blue refractor auto in my two boxes of Bowman, so if the comparisons to Lincecum are right, then I am in for a good day some where down the road.)

    Anyone get a gander at Gozry’z 06 Topps/Opening Day. That card scares the hell out of me. He looks like a pumpkin with an overbite and fangs.

    And for the record, I hate this Donruss product. This Bumgarner is a good example why — airbrushed uniforms, sticker graphs and ugly design. Blah.

  5. I don’t mind sticker auto’s when it looks like there’s been at least a little bit of effort in incorporating the sticker into the card design, but I agree with you here, Newspaperman, in that its pretty sloppy.

  6. I’m with morineko in that I thought I was the only one that was visually offended by the site of Gorzelanny. He looks like the ogre who starred inThe Goonies back in the 80’s.

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