Hanley Ramirez reads Wax Heaven!

I left the world of MySpace long ago (causes too much drama) but a few hours ago was notified by e-mail that Hanley Ramirez’ official MySpace (link) was using one of my photographs. The photo in question is from Hanley’s contract signing press conference, which we attended along with another two hundred fans a few months ago. I fought off members of the media for my spot to take photographs and it paid off. You can read the original post here.

No credit to where he found the picture but hey, it’s Hanley Ramirez so I don’t mind. I am still banking on Hanley being a future 40-40 Man one day, although it looks like he’s more interested in hitting power these days. For a full gallery of the photos I took during the 2008 season, click HERE.

We will be attending a few Marlins charity events over the off-season so you can expect a return to Florida Marlins coverage very soon. There is a Golf charity event I plan to sneak into as part of the media (crosses fingers) which will be played in Bonaventure Golf Resort, 20 minutes from my home. After that, there is a ‘Dinner with the Marlins’ that I would like to attend early next year but I need to find a job ASAP, as they charge $500 per plate.

Hey, if it keeps the Miami riffraff away….

9 thoughts on “Hanley Ramirez reads Wax Heaven!

  1. I checked out your gallery – you take some nice pics! What sort of camera do you use? Only reason I ask is that I’m looking to purchase one in the next week or so, mostly for pics at ball games. I’m looking at a couple lower end Fujifilm FinePix “bridge” cameras (not SLR or DSLR or whatever they’re called) but a step up from my 4 year old point-and-shoot.

  2. No credit? That’s kind of messed up, and your allowing it to happen doesn’t set the best precedent. That is, it will make it more difficult to sue for damages if it ever occurs again, because whoever violated the copyright could argue you have no rights to said picture because you’re not asserting them.

    Just so you know, from the legal standpoint.

  3. Joe, thanks! I use a non-SLR Sony H-9. I paid $480 about 8 months ago so it should be much cheaper today. I’d like to upgrade to an SLR before the 2009 season, though.

    Will, you make a good point. I posted this at 4 A.M and wasn’t thinking straight. It would have been nice to get a little credit but oh well. Maybe next time?

    Kimaloo, I can’t promise Hanley will sit on your lap but would you mind if “Tiny” the Marlins Manatee did?

  4. I too wish Hanley could turn out to be a 40-40 guy as I liked him when he was with the Red Sox organization, to think we could have had him instead of Julio Lugo, but I feel as though he is Willie Mays Hayes from Major League 2 coming back as a power hitter, I don’t know, I myself apreciate a good base stealer it excites me more than the long ball, oh well$500 a plate? like for every plate you eat? or have with a player?

  5. Next time was what I was worried about. I only make this point because I’ve read this blog long enough to have seen your photographs, and they’re really quite good. Probably, in fact, good enough to be used in, say, Sports Illustrated, or even by Topps or Upper Deck in one of their releases. My fear is the idea of saying “Credit would have been nice, but hey, UD used one of my photos in their releases.”

    You note the $500 per plate dinner but in the same sentence mention that you need a job ASAP.

    Guess what? You don’t. A player for the Marlins (that’s who Ramirez plays for, yes?) used a photo to which you own the rights both without your permission and without giving you credit. If you wanted to, you could threaten legal action and quite possibly make enough to bring your whole family and several friends to that dinner, with a few extra tickets left over to give away to readers of this site.

    You took the picture. You own the rights, which means you have the right to compensation for its use.

    (and in this case, rather than suing, maybe write a letter to the organization, threatening legal action but in addition making the offer to settle out of court, in this instance, for three tickets to that dinner)

  6. Will, I don’t think Mario would really be into legal action against his favorite baseball team and man could you imagine how ackward that would be “um Mr. Ramirez can you pass the salt”

  7. thekswiss, that situation might be awkward, but then again, Ramirez stole Mario’s work and posted it without giving Mario credit, acknowledgment, or compensation. Mario obviously deserves compensation for his work, be it the words in this blog or the pictures he’s taken, and what Ramirez did essentially amounts to plagiarism in that it is appropriation of someone else’s intellectual property without giving that someone credit. My only point about precedence was that Mario’s silence in the matter (besides this post) sets a shaky foundation for Mario to make this blog and his photos a professional venture. If, pre-sponsorship, Upper Deck had taken one of Mario’s reviews and posted it to their site without acknowledging Mario as the author, wouldn’t there be some kerfuffle? If the Marlins pulled one of his photos from this site and used it as the cover for a program without crediting him or paying him, wouldn’t you argue?

    If one doesn’t act professionally, its becomes more difficult for others to see one as professional, and a professional demands credit/compensation for his work. I realize this is a blog and mostly Mario’s hobby and that he does it for the love of the cards, but given his acceptance of Upper Deck’s sponsorship and the zeal with which he maintains his place as the “#1 baseball card blog,” I’ve always thought he wanted more. His photography posts seem to indicate he might be interested in pursuing freelance sports photography, and Upper Deck is giving him cards but I could totally see them offering him a position as something more along the lines of public and online relations. I mean, it’s one thing to be the self-proclaimed “#1 baseball card blog” but quite another to be the Official Upper Deck blogger, no? Not saying Mario would accept such a position, but given his recent car- and job-related troubles, surely some compensation would be nice.

    Really, my only point is that for the amount of time, energy, effort, and flat-out work Mario puts into everything he seems to do, he deserves a lot of credit, and should demand it. Even from some guy who gets paid astronomical sums of money to play a game, regardless of whether said guy plays for Mario’s favorite team or not.

  8. Will, thanks so much for the kind words. I don’t even know what to say.

    I think I will go ahead and write a letter. All I really want to accomplish someday is to be the guy who takes photos on the field during batting practice.

    If I ever work for ESPN Magazine or anything else….you will have to be my representative!

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