Operation Wax Heaven – November 1st

As I mentioned earlier today, I spent most of my weekend organizing my collection. Along the way I went through hundreds of cards from Upper Deck that I knew were going to go untouched for years. Sure, the “hits” were going to go up in contests but what about the base cards & parallels? I have decided to take the advice of readers from the site who suggested I donate the cards.

This week I will put together “wax packs” and fill them up with base cards. In each pack (or every other one), I will include a game-used jersey or autograph. I will be doing twenty packs in total and when complete I will drop it off at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in hopes that someone out there will get some enjoyment out of it.

I will film every little step and will make some kind of small documentary which of course will be on Wax Heaven. If anyone has done this before and has advice/suggestions, don’t be afraid to e-mail me. I remember speaking to a nurse a year ago who said some hospitals don’t allow trading card donations. I don’t think this will be the case for Operation Wax Heaven, though. Cross your fingers!

Also, please don’t worry about next week’s contest. This coming Friday there will be a contest for 100% of the “hits” from U.D Black & U.D Basketball Series One. There will be a total of two autographs and a ton of game-used relics in that auction, including pieces from Lebron James and Shaq!

9 thoughts on “Operation Wax Heaven – November 1st

  1. Giving sportscards to kids is a great idea. When I see kids in the card aisle at Target or Wal-Mart, they are almost always looking at yugioh cards or pokemon or some such crap. Maybe this will create a new collector. Peace.

  2. Mario your doing a Beautiful thing my friend.If you should need anything please reach out to me.
    Go Phillies!!!!

  3. Mario I salute you in this cause, I have done this in Bucks County and the kids do love this. If you are giving this have pack wars with them, the kids also loved this when I showed them all the kids got something but the winner got a set of cards.

  4. That’s awesome Mario! Maybe next year you could organize it so all your readers could send our base card doubles/triples and unwanted “hits” out to you and make some mega “blaster boxes” for the kids. IF so, count me in.

  5. Since I commented the other day, I began thinking that perhaps some of the cards are toxic to sick kids. The inks and such. Let us know what you find out regarding whether the hospitals take them.

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