Cardboard Wars – Barry Bonds

God, was there ever a better year for collecting baseball cards than 1997? From Bowman Chrome, to Totally Certified, to Donruss Signature, life as a collector could not have been better. One of the big products of the year that many collectors balked on was ’97 Donruss Signature. I remember card shop regulars forking over close to $20 dollars per pack (unthinkable at the time) and pulling Todd Greene and Mark Grudzialanek autographs. I was sixteen at the time but seeing the hurt in their eyes at the realization that they would have to explain this to their wives, well…it officially made me a man.

Don’t get me wrong, Donruss Signature had some ridiculously nice players in their checklist but it was so hit and miss that I just bought a pack of Pinnacle Certified & Bowman Chrome with my $20. Man, I would give anything to return to 1997 again, for a variety of reasons.

1997 Donruss Signatures

You are looking at history, maybe. Donruss created the first-ever autograph per pack product, which in the long run probably hurt the business. I mean, look how worthless autographs have become today. Unless you pull some 20-year old phenom or a Hall of Famer from your box of cards, you piss and moan till the sun comes up. In 1997, pulling an autograph from a pack of cards was a feat almost almost as rare as winning the lottery. Donruss put an end to it with this release.

2006 Topps Sterling

This is another “run of the mill” super high-end product thousands of collectors will never get a chance to bust open. The card is a “one of one”, features Barry’s immaculate (and improved) signature, along with 3 pieces of a game-used jersey, plus a bat. This is worth big time Beckett value, if you can find someone to buy it from you.

So, what’s it gonna be?

16 thoughts on “Cardboard Wars – Barry Bonds

  1. For crying out loud, it’s no contest. The Donruss Signature. It’s cards like that Sterling thing that make me think we haven’t evolved as people. I wouldn’t pay anything for that, and it’s not because it’s Bonds.

  2. As much as I despise him I will make a selection. The 97 because it is a decent looking card whereas the 1/1 is too busy. Too much crap on it. The sig is better on the 1/1.

  3. I really like the design of the Donruss card better, but I’d have to pick the Topps Sterling card because it has a nicer autograph.

  4. For me without question the 1997 signature series. I loved this product. But just like the blog says tring to find that card is next to impossible, tring to find a unopened box of that product will never happen.

  5. If the signature on the Donruss card was more than initials it would be a no-brainer. The signature on Sterling is just about perfect though, so I gotta choose the high-end abomination on this one. If I’m shelling out huge bucks on a Bonds auto, I want more than B..B.S

  6. I like the ’97 Signatures card better; It looks more like a card. The Sterling looks like a product sample sheet for carpet.

  7. Ill take neither. I have never liked bonds and never will. I would rather have 1/3 of a random 88 donruss card than either of those.

  8. I’ll take the topps sterling, the card is busy, but I don”t mind to me both cards are way out of my price range anyway so if I had to choose one why not the most obnoxious card there is with all the bells and whistles. I don’t mind Bonds and if I pulled it from one of a few packs I’m generally able to buy I’d be ecstatic. Just try being a collector on a very small budget and you really apreciate any auto or game used.

  9. thekswiss: believe me, I fee ya. As for which card I’d rather pull, I too think I’d go with the Sterling. But as far as best looking, I just like the simplicity of the Signatures! As for being a budget collector, I have a decent collection of worthless game used crap I’ve gotten off ebay!

  10. I am going to have to agree with Anthony….i have never been a Bonds fan or a fan of his attitude. Although there has never been any “Proof” of him doing any wrong doing I say shread both cards and use them for packing paper…..Just my opinion.

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