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This morning I was browsing through eBay and came across a bunch of 1 of 1 Sketch Cards produced by Topps. I have to admit, I am not impressed. Maybe it’s because I have seen better sketches by teenagers on DeviantArt or because I don’t understand how this latest fad made it into a baseball product, or possibly because according to a few, I am an Upper Deck sellout.

I collect baseball cards because I like building my collection. Sure, I will on occasion sell something but it’s only because I don’t want it. The best case in point would be the Upper Deck ‘A PIece of History’ Jackie Kennedy Hair Cut card. Maybe if the card looked like this Topps Allen & Ginter John F. Kennedy “DNA” card, I would have kept it but the thing was damn ugly.

I want good-looking cards in my collection and to me, these Topps Sketch Cards are just plain ugly. That is why out of 3 printing plates I pulled, I only kept 1 (nobody wanted Torii Hunter). I don’t like printing plates, either. Of course, this is just one man’s humble, honest opinion. Due to the fact there are so many readers I will put up a poll for you to decide if these Sketch Cards truly are worth the hype. You can view some of the more valuable ones by clicking HERE.

If you think this is a knock on Topps, please read here.

23 thoughts on “Topps Sketch Cards poll

  1. I like the idea of the sketch cards. Who wouldn’t want a tiny piece of original artwork representing one of their favorite players?

    I agree, though, that the execution is somewhat… lacking

  2. Some artists are better than others. I posted interviews with two of the artists who worked on these earlier in the week. Sketch cards have been big in non-sport for a while but they work there because most of the products are art-based themselves.

    What I find odd are the Stadium Club sketches turning up in Updates and Highlights. I hope there’s something to differentiate them from the ones that do come from Stadium Club.

  3. I like the sketch cards, but as was said, not all artists are equal, and people will have different opinions of different artists. It’s something different when all of the autos, game used, hair cards, etc. have been included already in one set or another. If you get good artists, people will enjoy them. I’d love to have original art sketch cards of the players that I collect for my collections! Those would make for unique additions!

  4. Some look great and deserve high asking prices others you can’t even figure out who the hell they are of if they are somebody. I wonder how many sketches there are out there?

  5. It’s a very cool thing and I would be excited to pull one. With that said, some are really bad drawings, nicely put.

  6. I’m pretty sure the Stadium Club sketches are coming from Updates packs because they seem to be just as plentiful as the more generic design. I’m more curious that maybe Stadium Club pre-sales were lower than expected and there were extra sketches kicking around.

  7. Wow, when you commented that was A-rod I never would have guessed, ah well. I saw the link and some of the sketches are nicely drawn others not so much. I really like the old etch-a-sketch cards that were made( I can’t remember the year or the manufacturer, but I Iike them). My opinion is this, if the artists work, all together, is nice then it would be great, but thats not the case as some just don’t have that… eligibility. So I have to say I don’t like the cards as the fact that if I pull one there is a chance that I won’t even know who I pulled. Also since I would believe these asking prices to be very high there is really no point in my worry anyway and thats why I’m voting for it really doesn’t matter.

  8. Wow. I couldn’t even tell that was A-Rod. Overall, I really don’t like these cards especially after checking them out on eBay. Coming from the perspective of an artist, they’re lacking. Coming from the perspective of a collector, their horrifically lacking.

    I will give credit where credit is due though. I really like the art by Paul Lempa. The Ichiro card he did caught my eye and it looks like he was the only artist that really put forth effort.

  9. I agree with Paul, like the idea, hate the result. When I first heard the news that they were going to include sketch cards, I feared they’d turn out like this.

  10. Kim did some digging and found something interesting out:
    I for one really hate these cards. I feel kinda insulted as a collector. And if what Kim found is true, it’s far worse than just some crappy drawings.

  11. My name is Higgins, I am one of the artists who created sketch cards for the 2008 Updates and Highlights set.

    Before passing judgement on baseball sketchcards I urge everyone to take into account demand on the artists and the tightness of deadlines.
    Having said that, I have been informed that of all the thousands of hobby boxes distributed that only 100 1of1 sketchcards (as seen on the check list for the set) actually are being distributed under the Updates and Highlights banner.

    Now I myself created 60 cards, 50 to go into distribution, 2 that were for the Mickey Mantle group and 8 that I got back for myself. I know of several artists who worked on the project so I was concerned as to how many of my cards actually made the cut to go into distribution.

    I don’t understand the process of illimination and I am by no means an art director for the company but I was told of the 100 sketch cards put into the hobby box sets. ALL of mine were used.

    I havent seen any of them on ebay yet but to keep your interest alive in the product. you can view them on my website:

    This is my first liscensed venture into sketch cards so by all means, give me your critiques. I really am interested in what the card fans have to think of my work.


  12. DKH,

    Some of the cards are beautiful but you have to understand from a collectors standpoint we only want the best, and Topps has let us down before. I have looked at the link page, only wish I could be as talented and there is no way you did the this a-rod.

  13. jL

    To your point of having been disappointed, at expecting the best…
    might I suggest that the cards that are available on ebay right now might infact be the return cards that each artist gets back from topps to sell as they please. Meaning that the ACTUAL Distributed cards havent seen the light of day yet. I myself chose 8 of my 60 but NOT the Mickey Mantle.
    So again with all the artists who worked on the project getting cards back (NOT REJECTS but the contracted 8 that they can sell if they want) it would be my opinion that what is on ebay is the artists personal choices. Again thats only an opinion not a fact.
    I personally am holding off on putting my set onto ebay until I see some of the pulled ones of my artwork showing up and get a feel for what I should or could ask for them.
    Oh, and thanks for the vote of confidence. I’m glad you all liked what you saw.

  14. DKH,

    These cards will command a good price. Again what I saw was great artwork, how long does it take to do one of these cards, just out of couriousty.

  15. I can only speak for myself. But my cards take a good 2 to 2 1/2 hours each
    Now remember, I am working a full time job (not as an artist) and parenting three teenagers, and trying to keep up with the household responsabilities. (or what wives call their husbands “Honey do” list) while trying to get the art done. So this project means a lot to me.

    Sometimes I think that calling these things “Sketch” cards doesn’t do the product justice, as sketch implies fast, and I try to do completed finished drawings.

    But again, I think that each artist has put his own signature on what is provided. Each is a piece of art in its own right. And although you like what I have done. There are still a lot of other talented artists work that has yet to be seen. Wait till they surface and then vote on the poll.

  16. I’m aspiring artist hoping to make the break into the sketch card world, I posted many of my sketch cards on ebay before sending them to Topps for the contest. I let the buyer decide the quality of my artwork. Maybe some of my sketches will make the cut and find itself to one of its packs. Yes, I might even buy my own sketch card that been engraved with Topps good blessing. Its validates me as an artist. I’m a card collector myself so it goes hand in hand. Find me on ebay…rummery_78 and you’ll be the judge.

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