Card of the Day – ’95 Donruss Studio

If there is anything I love more than Refractors, it has to be mid to late-90’s releases. On any given product you could easily pull a card that made you go, “what in the hell…?”. One of those moments came when a friend busted a few packs on 1995 Donruss Studio and handed me his unwanted Jose Canseco pull. Yes, he was even unpopular in 1995.

The card was designed to look like a credit card. From the raised lettering on the front, to the black bar for scanning and a signature on the back; this was a credit card! To this day, this is my mother’s favorite Jose Canseco card from my collection. As for me, it’s certainly not my favorite of the year as that honor goes to ’95 Bowman’s Best but it’s easily the most unique card in my collection.

If you have never busted ’95 Donruss Studio, there is currently a 4-pack lot on eBay with zero bids and 6 days left (LINK). You could certainly do a lot worse and if you’re lucky you could pull an early year Alex Rodriguez or some very nice superstars in the set, like Ken Griffey Jr. & Cal Ripken Jr.

11 thoughts on “Card of the Day – ’95 Donruss Studio

  1. Gotta love the rainbow too didn’t it come in like 3 colors? I know i have 2 and i dont have the gold.

  2. I had one of these; I think it was a Mo Vaughn. I remember keeping it in my actual wallet, too. Didn’t Studio do something like this in 2003 or 2004? I have Albert Pujols card that looks very similar, and its on a harder plastic, too. I’ll have to dig it up and you a pic.

  3. I loved Donruss sets from the 90’s. I almost have the whole 1994 or 1995 set. I used to buy so many packs of both Studio and Base Donruss back then. I even bought Leaf cards. I have a box of 2008 Donruss Threads coming today so I hope they don’t disappoint me.

    In 1995 Studio there was the base card, Gold and Platinum.

  4. I remeber collecting these cards. I thought they were the coolest cards (and still do.) They had three versions Gold, Silver and Platinum.

  5. Only studio set that I think was the best for that product 1991. It was a plain set but black and white photos classic.

  6. I think I might have a Met or two somewhere. I thought these were the neatest cards back in 1995, and I still think they have a certain charm… if only for their oddity.

  7. I bought the eBay packs, and got a few Hall-of-Famers and a few “who the heck are these guys”. lol

    I’ll be posting the highlights later tonight.

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