Ben Henry says goodbye

Ben Henry, author of the Baseball Card Blog is finally putting his site to rest (link). While there were others before him, it was Ben who inspired me to return to collecting and ultimately to start my own blog. While Ben and I have not always seen eye to eye, no one can deny the impact he made on the Hobby and among collectors on the Internet. Also, he was clearly the first (and one of the few) writers who have broken through into the mainstream and that is quite an accomplishment considering to non-collectors we are sometimes looked at as “nerds”.

I have been thinking long and hard about who should replace The Baseball Card Blog on the Heavenly 7 and in the end decided that Ben Aguirre’s Cardboard Icons would be a great new addition to the “7”. He clearly has the skills and most of all the knowledge to entertain the very unique individuals who live and die through collecting trading cards.

Good luck to Ben (both of them) and for the readers of the site, I’d like to introduce you to Cardboard Icons, if you haven’t already discovered the site. To check out his site, just click on the banner below. As always, to discover the very best of trading card blogs, check out the Sports Cards Blog Directory!

Published by Mario A.

The Man Who Ruled Card Blogs ...

One thought on “Ben Henry says goodbye

  1. Wow, Mario. Thank you for the pub. I checked my little blog in the seventh inning of tonight’s game and was surprised to see 100 new hits since I’d checked it mid day. Then I realized what powered that. I can’t thank you enough for the spot in the “Heavenly 7.” I look forward to the new readership from the others throughout the blog-o-sphere.

    Ben / Newspaperman

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