One year of Wax Heaven!

(thanks to Bad Wax for the banner)

Wow, what a crazy year it has been for me and card blogging in general. When I began blogging, there was no more than 10 card blogs, some not even active. In its peak a few months ago there was over 100 of us going strong.

I would like to personally thank everyone who has ever read Wax Heaven. Thanks for every e-mail, letter, or package sent over. For every comment left or post you did on your own blog. Finally, I am thankful to have met some of the greatest collectors on the planet. This started from one small idea while “working” to something that has consumed my life (in a good way).

I hope that at least once in your day this blog was helpful in returning you to your childhood, making you laugh, or keeping you from going postal at work. I expect to ride out this wave for as long as humanly possible, so as always…keep reading and I will keep writing.

-Mario Alejandro



  1. I have only been doing this for about a month, and I can honestly say I probably wouldn’t be doin’ at all if I hadn’t started reading Wax Heaven. Congrat’s and keep it up.

  2. This thing is required reading, especially at work. Congrats, and if you get into football cards I will send you a box myself.

  3. All I can tell you Mario and IT is that without this website my passion for collecting cards probably wouldn’t be as strong, your help with my Canseco collection made it what is today. I read this site near daily, comment probably too much and live baseball. The Miller collection is an inspiration and your personal stories are interesting if not troubling. Damn those Fords and please please please continue to inspire Joe collectors everywhere!

  4. Congratulations Wax Heaven! It’s been great reading your blog and it’s great to see that things are looking up for you! Awesome interview with Dick Perez and congrats on the UD breaks!

    I think it’s great to see more sports collecting blogs on the net, and hope to see more! I believe every blog can be unique as long as each blogger does his/her own thing and shares their own personal collecting experience and views.

  5. Thank You Mario for having me.I enjoy reading your blog on a daily basis.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Congrats! Not only are you providing entertainment, but you’re building community and making friendships. It’s awesome that the Internet & blogs allow for community among people we’d probably never meet in real life. (I’m thankful for it, because I don’t know anyone here in Conway, AR, that collects, so it’s nice to hear from other collectors and have some sense of camaraderie.

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