Kevin Maas, alive & filthy rich

In the 90’s, there was no man who brought more rookie hype to the hobby than New York Yankees’ Don Mattingly replacement, Kevin Maas. Even though his career fizzed out by 1994, Maas continued bouncing from team to team and even took a job playing baseball in Japan in the late-90’s. Kevin put together back to back 20 home run seasons and was so popular with the ladies that every time he hit a home run to right field, a group of women nicknamed “Maas Tops” would take off their tops. They were eventually banned from the stadium.

Kevin Maas still holds the record for fewest at-bats to reach 10 home runs (72) and officially played his last game with the Minnesota Twins in 1996. Today, Kevin is a divorced, father of two who works as a financial consultant and is a fan of baseball cards. The New York Daily News recently did an article on him, which you can read HERE.

Now, if you stocked up on his Upper Deck rookie cards, I can’t do nothing for you.

5 thoughts on “Kevin Maas, alive & filthy rich

  1. Dude, I loved Kevin Maas that season. I still remember people saying that Mattingly was going to be like Wally Pipp. Did you ever see his brother, jason Maas? I think they played together with Albany in AA.

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