The Mets Choke, part II

There is no trophy for being a “spoiler” and while I would much rather have my Marlins in the playoffs, eliminating the Mets from contention, in their very final game at Shea Stadium is perhaps the greatest feat of our 2008 season.

Don’t get me wrong, the Mets have some great players that I am a fan of (David Wright, Carlos Delgado) but it is their fans who I have a problem with. Not all of them, of course. My team was in first for almost the entire first half of the season but you didn’t see me gloat and/or talk trash about the opposition.

Unfortunately, that is something the Mets fans love to do. There was not a prettier sight than seeing those same, loud & obnoxious New Yorkers being brought close to tears by baseball nomad, Wes Helms and Mets whipping boy, Dan Uggla late in their final game of the year.

This is just one of the many reasons I avoided attending any games this season versus the Mets. I just couldn’t handle all the mostly New York crowd ragging on my Marlins and bragging about how much better New York is. Here’s a question for you guys…if New York is such an amazing place to live—why the hell did you come to Florida? Oh, because it’s better. If Florida is such a terrible place, take I-95 North back to your rat-infested origin. No one here is going to miss you. πŸ˜‰

Here is just an example of what us Marlins fans had to put up with:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and perhaps the worst offender.

14 thoughts on “The Mets Choke, part II

  1. Yeah, I’ve pretty much got “wait till next year!” tattoed on my arm πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah, every spring the Mets fans invade the Braves’ Beat blog with trash talk. I think the Sports Talk Radio up there get’s ’em all riled up. The fool on link #6 was classic, he should be throwing fastballs at his bullpen and quit worrying about the Marlins. There’s nice Met fans out there, it’s just that all the jerks are the ones who troll on other teams’ message boards looking to stir up crap.

  3. Mets fan here. And although I love the Mets and want them to succeed, I gotta be honest…I hate most of our fan base. Maybe its because I am not from and don’t live in NY. Or maybe its because I have had plenty of practice watching my teams fail (NC State…Carolina Panthers….I guess the Carolina Hurricanes have been good to me….but in NCAA, NFL, MLB and NHL only one of my teams has won a championship in my lifetime). I used to post on, but had to quit because everyone was just so freaking crazy. They couldn’t see beyond this year as far winning and building a winning program. I like to think of it this way…would you rather get several big time FAs and win the WS now…or would you rather get some young guys and build on them and have a consistent playoff team for years to come? Personally I like the second option.

  4. Growing up where I did on Long Island (I moved to NH when I was 16) It was never cool to be a Mets, Jets or Islanders fan. So at least in my neighborhood, you closeted your team allegences or suffered the wedgie-filled consequences. Now that I live in “Red Sox Nation” – another rabid, vitriol spewing cult, I see being a Mets fan is more like being a Franciscan monk. Be quiet about it, enjoy the wins, flog yourself over the losses and not say much in the way of smack. I’ll never give up on the Amazin’s, but I won’t get “raw like sushi” on anyone else’s team boards either.

  5. Up here in Seattle, we have the same problem with Yankees fans. I’d like to see an ordinance passed to prevent anyone from attending a ballgame at Safeco Field (where the Mariners play) and wearing Yankee uniforms or caps. Double fines for yelling to celebrate a Yankee play. Maybe you could sponsor such an ordinance in Miami.

  6. This couldn’t happen to a better team! I HATE the New York Mets! Ok here’s the deal 2007 with 17 games left in the season the Mets are 7 games in first place and what happens the take a shit! Now let move on to this year 2008 season again we see the Mets have a 4 game lead with 17 games left and what happens the take another shit! Why because the suck! Big Time Choke! Thats two years in a row the Mets Take a Shit!

    Ok now that I have your attention,check this out:
    Back in 2007 or so when another head case was chasing the alltime homerun record (Juice Boy Barry Bonds) When Barry Bonds broke the alltime homerun record and hit 756.Guess what,a stickin loser Mets fan wearing a # 7 Jose Reyes Jersey caught the 756 homerun ball.( Matt Murphy )
    Now The Stinkin Mets are Crused! Understand?????
    Check the link out on youtube below.

  7. This was no way a stereo type as I said there are many decent fans but the only ones that ever cause trouble are the type that I gave examples for and notice how many more there are compared to the good ones like you and MetsManiacinNH.

  8. The obnoxious ones live on Long Island and Staten Island. The normal ones are in NJ and upstate NY.

  9. Mario,

    “This was no way a stereotype”?

    “take I-95 back North to your rat-infested origin” wasn’t a stereotype?

    Sure it was.

    Just as if I said in relation to your Topps and Upper Deck blog sponsorship, “typical foreigners, always on the lookout for something for nothing”….that would be a stereotype.

    Or if I said, “Mario Alejandro…I wonder if he floated over on a home-made raft 22 years ago?” THAT would be a stereotype.

    New York is no more rat-infested than Miami is, Junior…..


  10. I am not Cuban nor do I live in Miami but yeah… it was pretty bad of me to write this back in 2008. A Mets fan managed to get way under my skin.

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