Sarah Palin, Joe Biden have baseball cards

Upper Deck is at it again with new political baseball cards, this time of vice-presidential candidates, Sarah Palin & Joe Biden. According to Upper Deck, these cards will be “sprinkled” in packs of 2008 SP Authentic.

From Upper Deck:

Biden is depicted as longtime Washington Senator’s pitcher Walter Johnson, a seasoned veteran who’s looking for the biggest win of his career. Palin, meanwhile, is shown rounding the bases near the White House in a most unusual manner – atop a dogsled and sporting a tiara – a fitting portrayal for a candidate who’s determined to blaze new trails.


9 thoughts on “Sarah Palin, Joe Biden have baseball cards

  1. Jeez, the Palin one is freakin’ ridiculous. Are they short printing these to hell again or can ordinary schlubs like me get one? I’m ready to abandon trying to get a set of them at this point.

  2. Palin is hot, but she couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with the instructions on the heel.

  3. Palin is way hot! She has my vote. LOL……. Really she a cutie!

  4. Why you boys sound absolutly terrified of Ms. Palin. How funny, and she wins.

  5. For accuracy’s sake, Mooselini should probably be whipping those Pit Bulls with the hacked off left leg of one of the wolves she likes to slaughter from the air.

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