For Dallas, all hope is gone

This March, I went to my first ever Florida Marlins Fan Fest hoping to meet Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin, the only two Marlins I knew of. It was my first year back to watching baseball since 2002 and many of the familiar names I grew up with had moved on. Tatiana and I showed up early and were the first allowed to go on the clubhouse tour when we strayed from the pack after spotting brand new Marlin and familiar face, Luis Gonzalez. He was giving an interview and sitting down on a bench waiting for Gonzo was another new, happy-looking Marlin named Dallas McPherson. We had absolutely no idea who he was and I had never even heard of him but Tatiana asked for a photo and like a gentleman he had no problem with it. After the photo, Tatiana handed Dallas a ‘Heavenly Vixen’ card and watched proudly as Dallas read the back of the card and looked at the photo. He was a “regular guy”, something I was not accustomed to, having followed the career of Jose Canseco for almost twenty years. We walked away with a happy feeling in our hearts and hoped for the best for Dallas.

During Spring Training, Dallas had some nagging injuries and ended up losing the third base starting spot to Jorge Cantu, now a 25+ home run hitter once more and a candidate for ‘Comeback Player of the Year’. Unfortunately for Dallas, he was shipped to Albuquerque New Mexico to play for the Isotopes, a Triple-A affiliate of the Marlins. Meanwhile, Jorge Cantu has become a Marlins star and the team has never looked back, leaving Dallas to play an entire season for the Isotopes and losing out on an entire year in which he was completely healthy.

When Tatiana and I arrived to the stadium Sunday morning to catch the Nationals it had been over a month since we had last been to Dolphin Stadium. We were rushed by our security guard friend who always hooks us up with good seats to let us know that he had talked to Andrew Miller and he had asked where the “Fan Club” was. You see, since our last game the Marlins had brought up six players; McPherson, Brett Carroll, Robert Andino, Eulogio De La Cruz, and Renyel Pinto and Andrew Miller off the D.L.

Our friend told us of the new guys and said they are all friendly except for one who says absolutely nothing to anyone and looks “pissed off” every time he runs into him. He told us he didn’t remember his name but he wore #8. I was almost certain it was Brett Carroll because there was no way it could have been that happy, young, hopeful guy we met during the Fan Fest. No chance at all. When we entered the stadium I was shocked to find that our old friend Dallas proudly wore #8 on his back.

In the Minors this year, Dallas led everyone with 42 home runs and sat by an entire season as he was overlooked and left for dead in New Mexico. The man deserved a call-up a long time ago but instead the Marlins chose to bring in Robert Andino, Taylor Tankersley, and Ryan Tucker, despite Dallas’ amazing power numbers. Even when Jorge Cantu and Mike Jacobs were struggling, the Marlins never once looked at Dallas and only brought him to “The Show” when the rosters expanded on Sept. 1st. This is a travesty because since that day he’s only gotten one single start and a total of 8 at-bats in two weeks.

Dallas was still a gentlemen when approached this morning. He appeased all the autograph hounds (including myself) but never once spoke or even smiled, even after I thanked him multiple times for signing my baseball card. In fact, he looked miserable as his new teammates had a blast talking and cracking jokes during batting practice. Dallas’ once hopeful smile has been replaced by a cold, bitter look all because the Marlins never gave him an opportunity, even now when chances at a playoff berth is almost impossible.

Still, I am not upset with Dallas. All I can say to you is to hang on and when 2009 comes around take Cantu, Jacobs’ or someone else’s job because you deserve to play 162 games in the Majors, even if it’s not with the Florida Marlins. Oh, Mr. McPherson…thanks for the autograph today and most of all thanks for making a great first impression in March when we first ran into you. We wish you the best for what is left of 2008 and beyond!

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2 thoughts on “For Dallas, all hope is gone

  1. the giants tried to sign him in the beginning of the season, but the marlins got him instead.we are in dire need of a regular first baseman, but we might’ve found that player in pablo sandoval

  2. If given an opportunity to play 162 games, McPherson would probably only play in half of them or less. He was pretty injury prone as an Angels’ prospect and that is why he probably has the 4A player tag on him today – too good for the minor leagues, not enough staying power in the major leagues.

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