A rude awakening on eBay

If you have been in the hobby for the last decade, an auction like this one is a common sight. Unfortunately, many collectors who left the hobby in the late 80’s, early 90’s are having to deal with the realization that much if not all of their collection of baseball cards is almost worthless, financially.

It happened to me in 2007 when I picked up an issue of Beckett to see what my Mark McGwire 1985 Topps rookie card was worth. When I left the hobby in 1997 I kept track of it and remember the days when it was worth close to $300. Today, I’d be lucky to get $10 for it on eBay.

Now, back to this seller who is trying to unload 2,800 baseball cards from 1991 & 1992 for $2,500. What is really tragic about the situation is that this guy registered an eBay account just to sell these cards and judging by his bed sheets, he probably could really use the money.

Unfortunately, it will never sell.

13 thoughts on “A rude awakening on eBay

  1. Craigslist is the absolute worst for this kind of thing. Maybe it is just the area I live in, but there is at least 1 person a month that posts a collection of 80’s and 90’s cards for $1,000+. One guy tried to sell a collection of like 500 baseball and basketball cards from 1990 for $3,000. I can understand people who haven’t looked at their cards in years have a distorted view on what they are worth to some extent, but at the same time it is up to them to do some research of their own to get a general idea of what their collection is worth. Otherwise they put hours and hours into listing cards that are worth a couple of bucks on a good day.

    The person most guilty of this craziness resides in Snellville, GA (about 45 minutes NE of Atlanta). He has been posting the same Craigslist listing over and over and over and over for the last 2 years straight. He posts once or twice per WEEK trying to sell his great collection of 1989 Topps baseball cards that is highlighted by timeless legends Albert Hall, Gerald Perry, Ozzie Virgil, Ken Oberkfell, and, yes, what I’m about to write is not a typo – the great Dion James. And don’t even get me started on his collection of 1991 Horse Star Jockey Cards….

  2. I see this on Craigslist at least one time a day, people think they can see their cards for 50 cents each and try to sell 5000 cards for 2500 bucks. Even though they collected form 86-92. I email each and every one of them and tell them at a penny to a half penny a card is pushing it. They tell me I have no idea what I’m talking about. I just laugh it off.

  3. wait a minute, my 1990 score complete set is NOT worth 500 bucks?

    But I have EVERY CARD……


  4. Wow, some of the cards are in photo albums… nice. Wait, 2500 bucks? Ouch. I really would like that Nalon Ryan set though.

    I just checked out Snellville dude’s listing and I MUST HAVE THE 89 SCORE BRAVES TEAM SET. Oh wait, I do have it, about 4 of them actually. And my sets have Dale Murphy in ’em. I especially love the scanned Javier Lopez ball. If he didn’t live all the way across town I might offer the guy 10 or 15 bucks for that…

  5. I was at a card show about a year ago and there was this poor man, probably in his early 50s, carrying a sizable suitcase. In it he had complete sets from the 1980s. It was obvious that he had collected the cards then with the knowledge that they’d be worth something, but for whatever reason had hung onto them all this time and was now trying to sell them off.

    He went from table to table attempting to sell them and every dealer told him the same thing: his cards weren’t worth anything to them. It was sad because I could see him getting more and more discouraged. I even tried to explain the “why” behind the dealers’ words because most of them basically cut him off as soon as they heard what he had. But he didn’t want to hear it from me either.

  6. I just hope he didn’t go out and buy $2,500 worth of stuff on credit because he really thought it would sell.

  7. It is sad when people think they have something valuable and then find out those cards from the 80’s and 90’s aren’t worth squat.
    It happened to me when I got back in the hobby at the beginning of this year.
    The hobby had a revolution while I was away.

  8. Yes I too see this JUNK (I’ll be nice) on craigslist and ebay.The problem is that many of these so called collectors got into the hobby just for the money! Come on now you remember these guys? Right? They are the same people trying to sell you a used car! Now these same people who are so Clue-less are trying to make a fortune on this unwanted JUNK! There are some good people that invested alot of money just to see there so called collection go down the tubes. Now thats sad! I’ve been collecting cards since I was 7 years old,I’m now in my early 40s.I could remember after school saving my lunch money to run down to the 7-11 to buy a pack of cards only to go home and open them in my bed room. See I collect sports cards because I love sports and the great players that come along and make and impact in there sport.

  9. I had this experience a few years ago with a collection largely from the mid-90s. I managed to get $300 for a 94 Leaf Phenoms ARod, and then sold the entire rest of my collection (the very, very best of which included 2 SP ARod rookies, the worst of which included . . . well, probably Dion James, really) for, I think, $100.

    Then again, best $100 ever; I went to Berlin a few weeks later and spent the majority of it on fine Italian and Spanish food and hot, spiced wine. So that was okay.

    And Euros are pretty, too. Man, travel a bit and you really notice how much US money sucks. Canada and Europe, baby. Gorgeous.

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