Hair Cut Signature, the video

31 08 2008

Pull of my lifetime!

Pardon the rough language.




12 responses

31 08 2008

HOLY S*&^!!!! Do you realize what you just pulled!! CHA-CHING!!! Amazing Pull Mario….Ill trade you for some Andrew Miller cards…..j/k lol

31 08 2008

Just don’t don’t do what I did when I pulled the Hillary SP card. I blew through some damned money UD Series 1 blaster boxes, trying to pull another one…lol…

31 08 2008

NICE PULL Mario!! That is sweeet!! Congrats!

31 08 2008

Nice musical choice 🙂 I like how the card wad pulled in a pack with CHIPPER and MCCANN, That’s Braves luck right there, too bad the team has none of it this year.

You hit the jackpot my friend, hold on to that thing and let the buzz hit before you even think about selling it.

31 08 2008

Seriously, I don’t think you swore enough 🙂

31 08 2008
DDoubleplay Sports/Paul

Wowser What a Pull Mario! Perfect for your site! Leave the fleamart finds to me, better hit that target it again? Have a Great Weekend my Friend!!!

31 08 2008

Congratulations!!!! It is about time you had some good fortune come your way. 😀

2 09 2008

Dear Lord!!!! Way to go! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy

2 09 2008

I think you just got that new car you wanted. Nice luck.

Now you have to chew your nails for a month or more till that baby shows up.

You sure you didn’t buy some blasters meant for a Beckett Box Break?

2 09 2008

By the way chief, Jack Kennedy is JFK. John F. Kennedy went by Jack. That card is worth at least 25 K. Although I would bet closer to at least 10 grand higher than that. You hit the best pull of the year. That girl of your’s just lost all card complaining rights forever.

2 09 2008

Just looked at the blowup on the review and saw it was Jackie not Jack. Not as mind blowing but I bet it’s still 8 to 10 g’s. If you get it in time to sell in November around the anniversary of JFK’s death. That’s when it would attract the most news. Should definitely help with those bills.

3 09 2008

“Out of a f’n blaster?”


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