‘Show Me Your Junk “hits”!

This challenge will be for the entire month of September. The collector with the worse “hits” will win 5 of the junk “hits” in my video.

One rule: they must be your cards. I don’t want to see eBay photos!

8 thoughts on “‘Show Me Your Junk “hits”!

Add yours

  1. Does it matter what sport, because I’ve got a stack of crappy football hits THIS BIG. Seriously, there are a good 65-70 junk hits in it.

    And one other question… My worst hit (and quite possibly one of the worst hits of all time) is going to get traded before the contest ends. Does that make it ineligible or can I use it, since it will still be mine at the time I enter?

  2. I got you beat, I’ll unleash my Corey Doyne red autograph on you!

  3. i got the worst bryan lahair auto and then the second worst ryan mount auto and then a mike bascik auto worth less than the 2.00 pack it came in i’ll upload pictures soon

  4. I pulled the 2004 dual game used ROY card of Angel Berroa and Dontrelle Willis. The odds were pretty slim for a cheaper pack of cards, too. Don’t remember what they were off the top of my head but man, what a piece of crap that card turned out to be!

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