David Duchovny wants to touch you

…but he’s chosen to enter rehab for sex addiction instead.

Like most actors these days, David has a certified autograph trading card that can be found all over eBay. The weird thing is, despite there being dozens of them in auctions right now, every one with a Buy It Now is at $200 or more.

The card was made by Inkworks and is for the X-Files ‘I Want To Believe’ movie (which tanked, by the way). There are also cards from the same set with pieces of David’s jacket and sweater embedded into the card.

As for me, I shall pass. My only experience with Duchovny’s work is when he appeared on The Simpsons and when he was trying to seduce ‘Mango’ AKA Chris Kattan’s effeminate character from Saturday Night Live, the “good” years.



  1. I really thought i was seeing things when this came over on the news. He was just on David Letterman recently, and i really thought (and still do) that he seemed like a great guy, very respectable. He seemed like a real good family man too, a good father to his kids, the way he was talking.Plus, i think he’s a great actor. Well i guess it just goes to show, that EVERYONE has their own demons to battle in life, at least he’s trying to get help. There was this guy on HBO’S TAXI CAB CONFESSIONS years ago that said that if he did’nt masturbate all the time, he would probably be killing people, so he thought it was better to go home and wack off, rather then become a mass murderer.In this case, maybe it’s good for us that dave’s going to rehab!!!

  2. Unless he’s running around showing every woman his dick, I don’t consider sex addiction to be nearly as serious as, say, alcoholism or drug addiction. What does this mean, anyway? Was he becoming a danger to himself? Stopped eating so he’d have more time to jack off, or something?

  3. Boo getting bumped off the front page by David Duchovny being a sexual Tyrannosaurus. Hooray beer! 😛

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